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Most businesses tend to have the same needs. Whether it is small business, sole proprietorship, large corporations or even game developers, it all waters down to the same principle. The user experience is an important aspect when it comes web usage. Every project presents new challenges and there are proven techniques to address these challenges. These techniques are UX researched and they can guarantee a high success rate.

Focusing on key experience

Majority of the web designers focus on the smallest of details of a project. This is considered as waste of time by the experienced designers who tend to think that the focus should be on a specific element. This approach may be deemed counterproductive but there is a reason to it. At the end of the day, it is how the experience of the users is perceived. The difference may be minimal but it is an integral procedure. Human beings are bound to forget and that is why the experience should be one to savor at. The landmarks are the ones that reconstruct the experience and for there to be a key experience, there must be the creation of impression.
•    First impression
What we see first is likely to leave a long lasting impression in our memories and it is the starting point of the user simulation and experience.
•    Peak moments
These are those unique moments that are constantly delightful and intuitive to the users. It is also that moment where the expectations of the user are exceeded. These particular moments form a strong bond between experience and enjoyment. The enjoyment is more than what they had bargained for.
•    End
This is the most important part of the experience since it summarizes the whole concept of impression. It acts as a reference because it is what is used to measure the lasting impression. If it has a bad ending, then it will leave a bad impression on the user.

Setting expectations

Setting expectations is like giving you something to look forward to. It is like framing the whole experience by triggering curiosity. This is facilitated by the superstitious nature of human beings who have their own idea of the outcome. As it is shown, humans do not always want to be wrong when making such predictions because it can lead to anxiety and confusion. Most companies focus on specific purposes and goals and that is why it is almost impossible to make approximations on the users’ thinking pattern. You should simply tell the user what they are going to get so that their hopes are not deflated. Words are cheap but when embossed with meaning, they become rich and the users give them emphasis and respect. Building the words can be an easy task, and the words contain the actual promise. The process of setting expectations should not be complicated or detailed. The promises should be clear and simple which instil confidence on the users.


Sophistication may be appealing but not to the users. Designers tend to think that the more complex the design, the superior it is. The interactions should be intuitive and purposeful at the same time. This can be done reducing the number of clicks and using fewer words to convey your message. Users have a great experience when they can understand what they are engaging in. The cues you present should be simple and straight forward even though a lot of time might be required to make them.

Speeding up

No user will complain that the speed is too fast. That is like saying that something is too convenient.  Products and services are designed to complete specific objectives or tasks. To achieve this then you will have to use speed. This is because it leads to retention and improved user experience. Speed does not only guarantee a happy user but also more users in the process. So where does the frustrations set in? This is where we go back to the expectations. If you set the speed to be low, then users are likely to be frustrated at times go on. You should overwhelm the users’ expectations so that there are no complaints from any avenue.

Reaching beyond the usability

The usability should go beyond the experience as it is not the only thing that counts. People often interchange experience with usability. Usability is more functional than anything while the experience is to be enjoyed. This and other factors reach beyond the usability. In order to fully grasp the concept, think of the many products that exist in the market. Even with the stiff competitions, there are those that stand out.

The above mention strategies, if implemented using the correct procedures will always produce the desired results.


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