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“Coming Soon” Page Design: A Few Tips

Ever designed a “coming soon” page? If not, you’d be surprised that it, too is an art just like some of the more popular page types. A “coming soon” page notifies visitors that a good website is about to launch in the near future. Long gone are the days of the construction graphic so prevalent on the Web ages ago. Now, you’ll find pages that inform and invite, complete with snappy color schemes and intriguing content.
The best use for a “coming soon” page is just after you’ve purchased your domain name. You claimed a spot on the web, but you’re not quite ready to launch. The page should be short and simple, and there are tons of ideas out there. We’ve collected a few to inspire you below, along with three simple tips for creating the best “coming soon” pages on your own.

Tell Us What to Expect

The main objective of a “coming soon” page is to tell visitors what to expect while still leaving room for the imagination. A page that reveals too much gives the visitors a chance to dislike it even before it launches. A website that tells to little won’t captivate visitors enough to get them to take the desired action – either signing up for updates or returning back for the launch.
Provide good hints about the coming content of your website. For example, if you’ll be launching en e-commerce site selling eco-friendly household goods you might lead into it on the “coming soon” page by noting the website is currently “growing green things,” and will launch shortly. This gives an idea of what the site will be about, without revealing too much.


KISSmetrics tells what to expect using a blog and other design features to create a buzz and keep visitors interested.


Birdboxx keeps it simple with a short explanation.


Create Some Intrigue

Creating mystery is what a “coming soon” page is all about. You’ll want to give visitors just enough information to pique their interest. Use the power of curiosity to keep them intrigued about what’s coming up next. This is a great strategy because it generates a buzz about the coming attraction of your site and allows the site to begin its word-of-mouth marketing tour, even before the launch of the website. In fact, creating enough mystery may even increase your chances of getting new sign-ups for updates an invites.

Better Blogger

Better Blogger says just enough.


Don’t Let SEO Go

Lastly, SEO should not be sacrificed just because you’ve opted for a “coming soon” page. Optimize your page with keywords and dynamic metatags just as you would with any other page. Continue to encourage links from other pages as well. Your optimized “coming soon” page could increase your credibility with search engines so that your site is in a great position to achieve higher ranks.


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