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10 Amazing and free Analytics Tools for web

Are you a web developer? In this case, you are already familiarized with the most popular Web analytic applications like Crazy Egg or Google Analytics or with remote-site services like Compete or Alexa.
For those who are beginners in this domain Web analytics means the process of analyzing and gathering information and data about a certain web contain to glean vital information about the way in which users utilize the site.
As I have already said, I am sure that you already use, or you are already familiarized with the most well known Web analytic application. That’s why I want to submit to your attention some of the less known Web analytic applications. Here I will discuss about 10 useful and free applications and tools able to help you to obtain all the necessary analyze data about the content of your websites.

First of all, I start with Piwic.

This is an open source analytics application for Web that uses PHP, and MySOL. It comes with a “plug-in” system that allows a great customization and extensibility. More on, this system opens up a lot of possibilities for you, allowing you to create your personal custom extensions.

Another Web analytics application is FireStats.

It is written in MySOL or PHP and it is able to support numerous platforms or set-ups as Django, C# sites, Joomla or WordPress and not only. Anyway if you need a cowbell I can tell you that FireStats is very useful. It has a great API able to assist you whenever you create custom applications or publishing platform components.
Snoop was created to be compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP or Mac OX S platform being a desktop-based application.

Yahoo! Web analytics is the alternative to the well known Google Analytics.

It is Yahoo’s web based third-party solution that helps you to access data easier, especially when it is about groups of multiple-users.
BBClone is a simple server side web application.

It is not based on a third-party service to monitor your data. It is a PHP application based on the server able to offer you detailed information about the visitor’s data and website traffic. It is compatible with platforms like Textpattern, Drupal, or WordPress.
Woopra (an analytic application for Web written in Java)

and JawStats (a server based analytics application for Web) are other two tools that can prove to be of real help for you.

Most of the Web analytics applications deal with numerical data or with number-crunching data. 4Q is a surveying application whose purpose is to improve your traditional numerical analytics supplementing it with the current user feedback.

MochiBot was designed especially for Flash assets. Using this free Web tool you can see how many times users view the content of your website.

Grape Web Statistics is a very easy open-source application created especially for web developers.

It comes with a friendly interface and with Extensions API that allows you to customize and extend your installation. It can be used on every operating system that uses PHP.

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