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10 Rules that can help you Grow as a Freelancer

Being a freelance web designer, you will face various problems and situations where you can’t decide what to do next. Well, the lifestyle of a freelancer is not so easy, and we have to deal with various clients who are always demanding. Sometimes, we forget to maintain a perfect balance between our personal life and professional life. Therefore, below we are going to discuss 10 rules, which will definitely help you in solving serious problems in your life.

Start small and grow with time

This is freelancing, where you will have to start small. Everybody in this business starts from a basic platform. However, you should always dream big, because one day you will definitely reach there.

If you think that you will always get big projects, then you are wrong, because just like other businesses, freelancing also needs some time. As you work harder, more and more people will come to know about your work, and after that you can definitely get some big projects. It doesn’t matter how tough the conditions may get, but you should never give up.

Believe in yourself and the work you do

Sometimes, freelancers think that their job is not so challenging, and others don’t consider freelancing as a real job. Well, what others think is none of your concern, and you must concentrate on your work. You will meet many people who will try to tell you that freelancing is not as good as compared to other 9 to 5 job. But don’t ever let them disappoint you, because you know how much effort you put every single time.

Sometimes, you might ask yourself that, should I continue this freelancing thing, or would I ever be able to earn some decent amount of money? Well, the answer is definitely yes, you just have to work really hard. You might face some failures, but don’t ever lose your confidence, because failures will give you the strength to work harder. Always remember, that your job is not a reflection of your personality or character.

Some clients will not like your work while some will love it. You might have some days when you won’t get any project, but you should not lose hope and confidence. Never try to compare your job with others. You do, what you like to do, and that is the most important thing.

Never forget your knowledge

May be you are not a great designer who can impress anyone with his/her designs. May be you don’t always have great ideas, which can really earn you some big projects easily. However, always keep on learning from your mistakes and experiences. Always remember that whatever knowledge you are having is more than enough. You forget about things, which you know, because you always compare yourself with others, who are earning more than you.

Freelancers think that their knowledge is very common, because they are working from such a long time. However, if your knowledge is common then why clients are looking for you? Well, you know something, which is really useful for others.

You should not underestimate yourself, because that will obstruct your confidence, and you won’t be able to work efficiently.

Don’t panic while asking money from your client

If you have worked properly, then you do have the right to ask for the payment from your client for the service. You are definitely not working for free; therefore asking for money is not a crime. Some freelancers think that clients will pay promptly every time, well many freelancers are not so lucky, that’s why one should maintain a proper invoice, and ask for payments when needed. Never hesitate while asking for money.

Always make a proper schedule

Clients are always in need of quality work within a certain period of time. Well, the quality depends on your knowledge, but deadlines depend on your management skills. You should create a schedule before starting any project, this will help you in evaluating the time required to complete a project within the specified deadline.

Don’t overload yourself

Some freelancers think that taking extra projects will earn them some decent money. Well, this is not true, if you overload your brain, then your mind will become slow and your creativity will suffer a lot. At last you will end up messing-up all the projects.

It’s better to take some quality projects with good rates, in this way you can earn good money without overloading your schedule. There are various clients available, who can definitely give you good rate in exchange of quality work.

It’s always better to find out clients, who understand the value of quality work. These clients are good for long term work, and they can offer increment after a certain period of time.

Change your outfit

Many freelancers don’t bother to change their sleeping pyjamas, and they continue to work in those same PJs. Well, this is a very common mistake, which can really hamper your work. You should always be active while working and pyjamas always takes you back into sleeping mode. You should get up from sleep, and get prepared like you are going to attend a meeting.

Take a break every hour

Freelancers are always working because they want to complete their project on time. Constant working will make you feel tired, and you won’t be able to concentrate on your job. It’s better to take a break after every few hour. During this break time, you should get up from your desk and walk for some time.

Learn to say NO

Many freelancers never want to say no because they think that opportunities won’t come again. Well, if you don’t have right skills for a project then don’t accept those projects, because after accepting a project it’s really very tough to give up, not to mention the bad review you can get for that.

Never work for free

If you think that free work for any client will give you enough exposure, then you are sadly mistaken. If you do a lot of work for free, then that will ruin your entire reputation, and your budget.


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