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14 jQuery Plug-ins for Those Who Work with Images

Are you working with images? Then these 14 jQuery plug-in might be of a great help for you. As you already know, JavaScript frameworks have become well known for some years because they facilitate the creation of the most dynamic effects. At present, jQuery is used in Drupal and WordPress, and it is the most popular JavaSript library.

I submit this article to your intention hoping that I can help you to improve the usability of your applications and websites.  It is well known that a web designer’s work is very difficult so these jQuery plug-ins come to enhance the display of the images and are very useful.

For example, if you use s3Slider, you will find that it is very easy to add showcases and smooth slideshows on a website.

jQuery Image Strip means a little and nice image in which you can use fancy and great visual effects. If you have to display many views of a product into your e-commerce website, you will discover that this jQuery is of a great help.

jQuery Thumbs was designed to help you to create thumbnails in the easiest way possible. It wraps the images in a very dynamically way and, more on, it links the image with the div.

If these 3 query plug-ins have already drown your attention, the best news is here are some more plug-ins for your help and benefit.

jCrop, for example. It helps you to add an image cropping functionality to all your web applications. With jCrop this task has become a piece of cake. And this is possible because it combines the l DHTML cropping engine (a very powerful and straight cross-platform) with typical jQuery plug-in that is very easy to use.

With Image preview, you can create previews for your images, and if you use EOGallery you can create animated slideshows galleries using jQuery.

jCarousel Lite is another option. This allows HTML or images to navigate in a carousel style. It is flexible and easy to use, and it can be made to fit your needs.

Thickbox was created to show you all types of contents in a simple modal box.

PanView allows your visitors to see the details of any big image. It has the advantage that shows your visitors a better view of your artwork, panorama or map. It simply makes a fixed size div where the visitor can move a bigger image.

In my opinion, jQuery Cycle plug-in is a very easy slideshow plug-in created to support click triggers, pause-on-hover, before/after callbacks, auto-fit, auto-stop and many other transition effects.

Coda Slider is a jQuery script created to emulate the effects you usually use on Coda websites.

With Rounded Corners, you can create easier rounded corners. There are tons of effects available to allow you to fluid or fix the div.

ImageCube helps you to rotate the images as if these images were some faces of a cube. I consider it a very cool effect.

jQZoom helps you to improve the view of images. Try it and you will see that it is of a great help.

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  1. Web Design Texas

    Some pretty neat effects. I’m not really a fan of the rotating cube. Pretty neat on a conceptual level, but it looks quite cheesy for real world use.

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