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15 Things To Do During Slow Days of a Freelancer

As a freelancer you must have encountered days when there aren’t enough projects to work on. However, there’s simply no reason to panic. In fact, use this time to do something constructive for yourself.

1. Select Long Term Projects

Short deadlines may also put you in some pressure, which is contrary to long term projects. You work around in slow times on such projects, and you’ll realize that you’ll have a lot to accomplish for the next few months. Your vacations go by in a jiffy.

2. Clean up

A lot of times due to work-stress and pressure, we tend to neglect our office space, and it ends up looking like a tornado might have struck You’ve finally got this time to rebuild your office. Sort out everything; organize them so that when the season begins you do not have to worry about certain documents or papers.

3. Look at your marketing efforts

Have you been promoting yourself well or did you let your competitors take over? Give special emphasis on how you promote yourself; find out why you should be hired by a certain client and then paid more. Try to think up of creative ways.

4. Look for potential “side-niches”

There are so many possibilities to pursue during summers; probably, some school requires a guest lecturer on the web designing and the like; you can offer your services to the school and reward yourself. Read other people’s blogs on what you can possibly do.

5. Selling “leftovers”

Use websites such as istockphotos and the like to sell pictures and icons. This can earn you a good buck in very little time; instead of crying over nothing to do you should probably indulge in how to make a quick buck in summers.

6. Update your portfolio

Make sure your portfolio is full of recent projects; nobody wants to go through a bag filled with ancient junk. Keep your portfolio updated at all times.

7. Have a look at your overall efficiency

Check out your goals; whether you’ve met them or not find out what could you do to build up on your efficiency. Look out for blogs on freelancers and try out things that may enhance your progress.

8. Make plans for the future

Setting goals in the numeric form can often make it simple. Numbers can easily determine how close or far are you from the goal.

9. Enhance Your Skills

Go through books, magazines, blogs and even video tutorials to find out how you can brush your skills and make yourself an eligible contractor for your clients.

10. Go through your Finances

Often glitches can occur in finances; you’ve finally got this time to straighten things out. Put out your invoices and bills and align each of them with your balance and income sheet.

11. Contact recent clients

Make sure you do not go overboard with this tip. Just saying a hello and telling your old clients is different from begging for work. Make sure you do not do the latter. This greeting may remind them of your services, and they can possibly hire you for some work too.

12. Update your own blog/website

When you’re burdened by projects you tend to ignore your own blog or website. You’ve got the time to put everything right on your page. Use this time to get everything updated and corrected on your page, if required. This ought to enhance your portfolio, as well.

13. Write!

Just write anything; write about anything that’s of interest to you and then put it up on an article website; they can post you as a guest writer. Never let the passion of writing within you die. Constant Content is a site that initiates such writings that buyers can come by and buy it off the website for a certain amount.

14. Work on personal projects

There might be some things you want to get done on your website such as a logo or cartoons; take this time to draw out the image in your head and then post it up.

15. Forums/Message boards

Go through forums where people discuss different issues on freelancing. You might come across a few good tips from freelancers who’ve been in the same position as you.


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