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As you are all no doubt aware, we do not normally feature graphics, pictures, and art in our articles, as we do tend to adhere, and talk about how content is king, and how off putting over the top, and unnecessary graphics can be. Here though, we thought we would give you 50 Web 2.0 goodies, to keep the more artistic, creative, and indeed carefree of you, something to look at.

The goodies are split into categories: Visual effects, Logos and logotypes, Text Effects, Badges, Buttons, Web 2.0 Layouts, Gradients, Headers, and last but not least Web 2.0 round-up.

I know some of you may be thinking that Web 2.0 is a concept that details how the web has developed, and not an application, or tool in its own right, and the some of you who are thinking that, are right!

But for cool looking effects and graphics, which one can argue epitomizes Web 2.0, it is easier to call all these effects Web 2.0 goodies.

Visual effects

1. Three girls posing in the night Illustration

2. Adobe Software – Adobe Photoshop

3. Adobe Software – Adobe Photoshop

4. Retro lines in Photoshop?

5. Splash Page Tutorial

6. Gradient Styles & How To Make Dashes

7. Creating a page curl in Photoshop

8. Creating patterns in Photoshop CS2

9. Realistic photo print

10. Circles, Circles, Circles

Logos, Logotypes

11. Jelly Remake

12. Web 2.0 Style Logo

13. How to Make a Web 2.0-Style Logo

14. Learn to create your own Web2.0 Logo

15. How to create a WEB 2.0 style logo

16. Web 2.0 Logo #2 | Designphase

17. Web 2.0 Logo | Designphase

18. Web 2.0 Logo

19. Pimp My Ride – Logo

20. The Logos of Web 2.0 | The FontFeed at FontShop

21. web2logo.com

22. Flickr Photo Download: LOGO2.0 part I and II

Text Effects

23. Custom Chrome Text Effect

24. Photoshop Reflections

25. The Shiny Floor Effect

26. Text Kerning

27. The Glossy TEXT web2.0 style

28. Photoshop Tutorials: Texteffect

29. Web 20 Shiny Floor Effect – video tutorial


30. Web 2.0 Badge Photoshop Tutorial

31. Supermarket Stickers Tutorial – Visualdesigncore.com

32. Web2.0 Badges

33. Glossy web 2.0 badge with rounded corners

34. A Glossy Starburst Tutorial


35. Badge ‘n Button | Designphase – Web Design Tutorials

36. Toxiclab.org – Photoshop – Web buttons tutorial

37. Web 2.0 style buttons

38. Glossy Button Video Tutorial and PSD

39. Creating flexible buttons using Photoshop shapes and styles

40. Web Badges: Video Tutorial

Web 2.0 Layouts, Gradients, Headers

41. A Gradient Tutorial

42. Banner Navigation Tutorial

43. Sleek and Spicy website header Tutorial

44. Vista Style Layout – Talk Mania Forum

45. Web 2.0 “STYLE” web layout – Free Psd

46. Irish Content Box Tutorial

47. Web 2.0 Design Kit | Photoshop Lab

48. Web 2.0 Design Kit, Part 2 | Photoshop Lab

Web 2.0 Round-Up

49. Web 2.0 Colour Palette

50. The Web 2.0 Secret Weapon – Thoughts and errata from Miles Burke.

51. Great Fonts for Web 2.0

52. The visual design of Web 2.0

53. Web 2.0 how-to design style guide

54. Disenar a lo Web 2.0, la lista definitiva

55. Tutorials – Search for Tutorials – Pixel2Life

We hope you enjoy these tutorials, as they are a good source of reference, and information, and maybe for the more creative driven, inspiration.

Web 2.0 is the ‘now’, of web design, and hopefully, these 50 little goodies will help your designs, and realise your potential. Many web designers are using them right now to create beautiful, artistic examples of Web 2.0 web design, and there is no reason that the next beautiful, artistic design, is not one of yours.

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  1. Dash

    Thanks Hungryman. It is really my biggest gratitude that I have this site to help me. I will update you with my next projects.

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  3. Hungryman

    Wow! That’s good to hear Dash! Make use of all these goodies and I am sure, your boss will recommend you to his/ her friends too. Update us here with your success! Good Luck!

  4. Panter

    I was so amazed to see your goodies in here. I have to be honest. I haven’t seen all of them before. I like the Jelly remake and Realistic photo print. You guys are awesome!

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    Yay, goodies! Thank you!

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    Oh, this is very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  8. Hungryman

    Wow! Thank you. I do agree that you are an angel. You just gave me lots of treasures to place in my portfolio. I have been looking for Disenar a lo Web 2.0. I honestly don’t know where to find it. You made my research easy!

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