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404 Pages That Use Their Opportunities – Part 1

404 Pages are a great opportunity to communicate with the people that land on them in error. You cannot only learn from the people where there might be a problem but by giving them the opportunity to tell you where it is you can create a two way communication and a reason to get back to them to say thank you. A simple thank you is a great way to forge a good relationship with someone who visited your blog. It gives the personal touch and shows that you aren’t just another voice on the web but a real person with good manners.

Expansion Broadcast

We have a page here that used sense. They know you landed up on their page with a bad link which obviously needs to be fixed. As a result they use the opportunity to contact you and at the same time to fix the page by getting your feedback as to where the broken link was.

Function Design Page

Here they apologize but miss the opportunity to get in contact or to find the missing link. However, they do point you to where to get to find your page.

Retard Zone

It’s different. It’s not my sense of humor but the message gets across, and I won’t forget the page.


This is simple and effective directing you back to the main site. It is a missed opportunity though.

Chris Jennings

This is simple but very effective. This gives you the redirect but sends a message with it.


Simple effective but a lost opportunity.

Gowa Tv

This is great. Simple, gives you a good laugh, and shows you how to get back to the real meat of the website.


Humor again and with all the info needed to help the person find what they are looking for.


Here we have humor and a full header to find your way around the website. Ease of use combined with a laugh is always good.

Coffee Vancover

This is a very clever play on words and a good photo. The site displays all the necessary info while advertising their merchandise at the same time.


Rather a comic photo while giving you the info you need and a way back to the site to find the actual basic information you were looking for you.

Simple Bits

This is a request for help to find a really good 404 page, and it seems to hit the spot.

Sterling Fire

This is a great site and a good advert for the Sterling Fire Volunteer site. There is a great photo of the fire engine and all the different photos of the member coming up one after each other. You feel as you are learning to know the whole crew as you stay on the page.

While these are all great examples how are you going to create your own 404 page.

Things to take into consideration

  • Help them find their way back and to find what they are looking for.
  • Apologize that it happened.
  • Give them a way to search.
  • Make the page memorable.
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