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5 awesome E-Commerce CMS’s


E-Commerce is really hot nowadays, as it has become the most preferable and reliable bridge to buy and sell different things. Ecommerce is perfect for small businesses. And if you’re one of those who want to know, what can be done to make it more simple for the business? Then, the perfect answer is “content management system”. As we know there are lots of CMS options to choose from, and it is really difficult to select the right one, but if you are successful in getting the appropriate one, then you can be in the list of successful businessmen in no time. CMS is really easy to use with new exceptional plugins to manage everything related to selling and buying.

Check out 5 of my most favorite CMS’s.

Business Cataylist:

The first and one of the best CMS is “Business Catalyst” that allows you to build an eCommerce website, varying in sizes. Once you are done with sign up and all, you will get a platform where your CMS works and produce shopping carts, blogs and forums for you. It has a very user friendly interface that allows you to have an eye over customer’s activity as well as visit rate. BC not only builds an online store for you, but also manages it. What’s more? This complete hosted application facilitates the user to have support on phone, live chat or emails. 

• Magento:


In the list of top five CMS’, Magento comes at the second place. Basically, an open source platform, this eCommerce application facilitates a constant flow between online sales and designs. It is a multi-dimensional application that manages numerous websites and integrates 50 gateways of payment and Google website optimizer at the same time. Due to its versatility, it is gaining rapid popularity day by day.

• Prestashop:

Prestashop is the third most widely exploited eCommerce platform that provides multiple features at the same time. These features involve control over shipping, tracking, orders, inventories and management of the business. It also allows the users to handle the images and product as well. As far as the payment procedure is concerned, it directly sends your payments to your Paypal pay account or your local bank account, whatever the method you utilize.

• osCSS

osCSS is also a simple ecommerce application developed in PHP for shopping cause. It facilitates free distribution and downloads. This application complies with web standards using XHTML language. On this platform, you are given full access from product display to shipping. Though it is not considered exceptional one, yet it ensures good results.

• Open Cart:

Open cart is another CMS that provides user friendly admin area and simplifies the procedure of management on your website. This application gives you ample room to customize your layouts and selling of the products with thorough control over shipping procedures. It is an ideal platform for a man eager to establish a small or medium range business on the internet using powerful tools.

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  1. RedlynX

    I’m glad to see that Magento made it in the top 5. It’s an excellent CMS and I’ve definitely been seeing it pop up all over the place. I hope we see some Magento templates soon. ^_^

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