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6 amazing Podcasts for Web designer


Are you, a web designer or an aspiring web designer? Web mastering has never been so much fun. Learning online for no cost has never been easier. And more accessible with the current availability of Podcasts.  Podcasts are great for web design and all other aspects of web work. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a beginner or already designing and making money online. The ability to look and learn always enhances your skills. In many aspects, they provide a means for you to be able to be among the greats while sitting in the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the current available podcasts. Browse around and get the feel of their antics.

1. B.Sparks courtesy of UIE


Jared Spool CEO of this company has organized podcast to demonstrate how to interact with the design elements to create a better interface. A frequent speaker at conferences he is an expert in his field of usability. He is linked with many of the large computer giants like IBM, Apple and Microsoft.   He provide an excellent opportunity to learn from people like Cameron Moll and Molly Holzschlag as well as Luke Wroblewski who are well known in their fields.

2. A Screenshot of Boagworld

For both entertainment and education, this long running podcast will show you that web design would be hard to beat.
The two creators of the podcast Marcus Lillington and Paul Boag provide you with lots of topics, which will be useful for designers and developers alike. One can understand why this duo from Headscape is a hit. They are both very informative and in addition bring in guests well versed in their subject matter. There is a very active forum on their site where they post summations link and transcripts.

3. Jon Hicks’ Rissington Podcast

John Oxton joined Jon Hicks in producing this entertaining show. Created around viewer questions this show entertains and educates with the central theme of being a web designer. It can be a barrel of laughs, and you learn at the same time.

4. TypeRadio

 Although this is not exclusively around web design many of the guests who are interviewed are informative on this subject. Liza Enebeis and Donald Beekman are the hosts, and every show brings a different angle into view. Designers interested in web design get inspiration from many on the podcasts.

5. Donnie shows you how “You Suck At Photoshop”

This extremely funny podcast gives you the means to learn with humor. At the same time, it teaches you all those little ticks you might never have known.  The podcast is a series of tutorials about Photoshop but dealt with in such a humorous fashion you will learn but laughing and never forgetting. The creators of this Troy Hitch and Matt Bledsoe were originally Ad people, and they obviously realized you learn with laughter. It is available to watch on YouTube where you can see Donnie Hoyle in action.

6. A Video on WDTV

Although not an audio podcast, this program is published by .net magazine with 15 to 30 minutes of viewing time, which is well worth it for the good web design tutorials. All the big programs like Dreamweaver and Photoshop are covered here. The advice you might be looking for is given here for free.

So the next time you’re free, you can check out these podcasts and learn something exciting.

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