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7 ways for Designers to earn some serious cash

It looks like everybody wants to earn some money online. Online money making is not so easy as it sounds. You might think that big players in this market are definitely making millions of dollars every month.

However, we are not talking about them; we are taking about middle class people who struggle every single day to earn some extra dollars. Online money making is a tough job, and to be honest this makes it even more interesting. Major population of these freelancers are website designers, and developers who work really hard to meet their specified goals.

Designers keep on working on various projects like logo designing, magazine cover designing and website designing. Many people think that online jobs are easy, and they can easily claim a good reputed spot, well, the truth is something different. You will have to work hard and showcase your skills at the same time. Below we are going to discuss some of the most popular ways by which you can earn some decent amount of money.

Designing by using info-graphics

In earlier days, articles used to be a good source of information, creating a good title used to get sufficient amount of attention from users. But now time has changed a lot and so the trend of titles. Nowadays, use of info-graphics is gaining a huge popularity. Users like to see info-graphics on websites. Users are always in a hurry and because of this, info-graphics saves their precious time. Important information can be represented in the form of graphics. This method is getting good attention from users.

Ask for donations

Asking for proper donations can actually help you a lot. But if you are very egoistic, then this option is not for you. Many people think that developing a website where you will ask for donation won’t help you, but in fact, you can earn some decent money by accepting donations. You should not keep all the money which is gathered from various donations, and you should use them for a good cause.

You can help various organizations who are working for the betterment of the society.  But these things take time, and you will have to really work hard. Motivating your user is the toughest part, and you will have to upload various pictures and articles which can illustrate about the nature of work you are doing.

Publish your writings or start your own blog

Many freelancers believe that starting their own blog will help them a lot. You can actually earn some decent money though blogging, if you get sufficient amount of traffic. Even if you are into freelance web designing, then also you can post 2 to 3 articles per day. Posting 2 or 3 articles won’t take much time, and moreover you will get a good response from your audience.

You can also write for others, and soon you will see that you are gaining a lot of experience and knowledge. Blogging is something which takes a lot of time to settle. You will have to be really good otherwise users won’t waste their time on your blogs. Therefore, if you think that you are having a flair for writing, then blogging is the best option for you. You must love your work, because if you are writing for only becoming famous, then you won’t be able to survive for a long time.

Designing logos

As far as online world is concerned, logo designing is the most popular way of earning online money. There are various freelance designers working on logo designing, and believe me they are earning more than enough. Freelancers usually start working on a part time basis, and soon they switch to full time designers, because they know that online world will give you the opportunity to make some serious money, if handled properly. Many freelancers think that logo designing is very easy, but before you make some reputation, you will have to gain enough experience.

Selling stock graphics

If you know how to design graphics, then you can earn good money just by selling stock graphics. There are many websites who sell stock graphics, and they constantly need designers to work with them. If you think that selling stock graphics is a bad idea, then you are absolutely wrong, because this business is gaining popularity and more designers are getting into this business.

Selling photos online

If you love to take photos, and if you know how to edit those photos on Photoshop, then online world will give you the perfect platform to showcase your work. Good photos are always in demand. If you like photography, then you must try to sell your pictures on various websites that are ready to give you decent amount of money for your photos. Many photographers are making good money by selling their photos. If you think that you are having some good skills, then you can definitely try this option.

You should also have some knowledge about Photoshop because pictures taken from camera are not good enough, they need proper editing. There are other applications available, which can increase the quality of your photo.

Earn money by selling templates

If you are having a good knowledge about designing, then you can design some templates and sell them at decent rates. Online world is always in need of creative templates which they can use on their websites. Freelancers can earn good money by selling their creation.

It’s obvious that your designs will get good response, only if they are really good. Therefore, before starting this work, you must make sure that you are really good at template designing. Many freelancers are working like this, and they are also earning good money. There are various websites available, which can give you sufficient exposure to showcase your work.

Above given points will definitely help you a lot. But these are some of the methods, and you can discover more ways of earning money through internet. Always remember that you can only earn money if you are dedicated to your work. You may face some problems in starting, but later you will definitely find success.


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