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8 Lovely e-commerce Sites

How can you refine your e-commerce design? The e-commerce universe makes up a large percentage of sites on the web, so it makes sense to develop your style in the area. Fortunately, great e-commerce sites are not hard to find and offer a wealth of inspiration for the fervent seeker. From smart layouts to fully functional shopping baskets, the world of e-commerce is ripe with great ideas for developing your own personal style. Below we’ve selected our top picks.

E-Commerce Loveliness


CuCuu fuses elegance with simplicity. Its effortless design reflects a minimalist concept, a motif that repeats throughout the site. The lavender color is soft and low-key, much the same as the typography which layers larger, all-caps font a-top smaller type for subcategories. The shopping basket is a mere link, but it certainly works on a site that exudes both practicality and ease.

Olive & Myrtle

The eco-friendly e-commerce site uses fresh natural colors to get it sell sustainable products. The varying columns give the eyes something to pay attention to within the grid, but the site contains zero clutter. Lines are clean and tidy with smart vertical category navigation on the left-hand side. Customized information blocks below give shoppers even more options and keep the engaging interaction in full effect.


Sleek and superb designs are the best features of this high-end fashion e-store. A larger than life flash gallery cycles through a vertical navigation menu. Sharp images give the shopper excellent views of the site’s wares and the automatic location feature as a distinctive touch.


Converse’s Flash-based site boasts a few surprises. Take, for instance, the quick load time and practical effects. Then again, Converse has a reputation for simple, unassuming style. This brand strategy is clearly communicated visually with concrete and jean backgrounds, down-to-earth graphics and product frames drawn by hand. All combined makes for a comfy shopping experience – just like those famous, brand-name shoes.


We tried to pass up Godiva’s delicious design, but just couldn’t do it. This is food photography at its best, and Godiva designers have made a wise design decision to display it all with large image galleries. The list of products available on the site goes on and on, which is great for shoppers looking for that gift or reward that’s just perfect for the occasion. Yet, the entire site stays engaging and well-organized with an excellent navigation menu and logical layout. Usability in the shopping cart and checkout pages is also top quality.


German club-wear and accessories store Belly shades wants and gets your shopping attention. Colors that pop, off-the-top typography, and acid trip images take the shopper on a journey for sure, but the audience is never alienated. Clicking the animals doubling as shopping carts, begin a pleasant shopping process that stays serious about the sale.


Unique, no-holds barred designed that stays practical and smart is bound to attract the best customers. The Seibei site may seem a bit weird at first glance, with its off-the-wall, cartoon-like graphics, but it’s the ease of navigation and subtle organization that will keep shoppers curious about more. Tidy product pages complete this freakish, but nifty, shopping experience.

Fred Perry

Fred Perry’s e-store design presents an intro-page for starters – a classic look that seems to resonate on a nostalgic level. This is an extremely accommodating design partner for the brand, which sells contemporary and elegant fashion and accessories. Further into the site, descriptive and versatile product pages, with a visible shopping bag window, make this site a memorable favorite.


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