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A Comparative design look at remakes movie posters

Movie posters have always been the means of advertising movies internationally. Everyone can remember how long its been since movie posters have been used in the industry. Studying their evolution certainly can give an idea of the path they have traveled towards what we enjoy as movie posters today.

Even with the advent of more resourceful means of advertising such as the internet, movie posters have stood the test of time and are still the leading strategies of advertisement in the industry. Here we will journey through various developmental stages in an effort to appreciate the magnificent strides, which have been made in the science.


Those who were living at that time will surely remember this poster and the movie which stood alongside too. Scrutinize the designer’s expertise. Take a good look at the font, color scheme and graphical interpretations. These are some of the same adaptations, which have been done for screen interface in our modern web cultural designs. The experts have regarded this poster as having a silhouette style shadow combined with multi saturated colors.

Scarface remake 1983

Now for convenience take a browse at the difference fifty years later. Judge yourself. There is a milder color scheme and a marked difference in the choice of font and calligraphy. The page layout definitely makes it much easier to read and less complicated.

The Mummy 1932

This is a unique movie poster displaying the 1932 version of the Mummy. It has a three dimensional text, which is shown up under the 3D text.

Mummy 1999

This 1999 version is rich in text integrity, especially, depicting the M in mummy. Even though the red is omitted, it still has a sophistication that is worth mentioning. Precisely, it denotes 20th century advancement in graphical representation and calligraphic style.

House of wax 1953

This is also a 3D image mounted on a fiery background. Precisely, it contains a rather beautiful color scheme application with an up sided down image synchronizing with the one on the opposite end. The terror is depicted in the image itself and eyes of the terrorists. Importantly, the poster is being described as Technicolor, which is a somewhat antiquated color analogy.

House of wax 2005

The designer uses a thin grunge mounted on top of the poster as an attraction strategy. It makes an awesome impact in communicating the movie’s purpose. Underneath the title inscription notice how you can see the appearance reflect an intentional technique employing visual sensitivity.

War of the worlds 1953

War of the worlds has been a masterpiece of its time. Look at how the color blends. It is a fiery yellow and red below a mingling dark top. The graphics are also elegant with a typical 1953 art work nearly bordering on a somewhat Elizabethan culture.

War of the worlds 2005

Notice the marked difference. There are no more variegation color effects; rather it is a black background illustrating a globe depicting the world and what appears to be three sprangs of a withered tree entangled by some red shrubs.


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