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A Comparison between HTML and CSS Web Design

Web designing is a charming profession to opt for and one needs to know about various web-designing standards for it. Once you know about web designing techniques, you can code using them as well. This means that you can do more than just creating a web page for yourself or some company. However, the fact is that there are several standards of web designing. Here in this writing we are going to explain about the two widely used standards, HTML and CSS.

HTML is an acronym for “Hyper text Markup Language”, which is one of the old standards for designing websites. The fact is that it may be baffling for many who are new or not familiar with it. It is actually a code or language that can be used to position or edit frames, images or text and many other elements of the web page which you like. Once you are done you only need to go to your web browser and then just select View and after that Source – which is basically the code used in the website design and hence is accessible for everyone across the globe to see. The language is never a difficult one to learn as it uses some tags, which are the codes that can be used to design a simple web page. You can make your page more complex by only making the HTML code complex.

However, the experts are working hard to make these codes further easier even for the beginners who would then be able to make a website of their own with least efforts. What you see is what you get or WYSIWYG is a typical editor. The editor understands what HTML you require and helps you in designing a webpage, and you need not to take care of the codes.

It is the code which makes the newbie to commit mistakes as he or she is mostly unable to apply exact code. However, there are, software available in the market to change your document to HTML and hence are best for beginners.

On the other hand, CSS is a relatively new language and is not that easy to understand for the new web designers. It gives more control and creativity over your design. As there are several web browsers so it becomes difficult for the HTML designers to develop for these browsers. CSS requires from you lesser effort to design a style sheet and saves you the money and time. You need to edit one page, and the rest affected changes are made automatically and hence saves the headache of multiple edits.

However, the fact remains that HTML is still the best and CSS is actually used for improvements to make it more attractive. CSS is useful when you need to change the overall appearance like colors, image placement, backgrounds and content. It specializes in enhancing the look of your website page. You can have a better handle on the use of CSS if you are familiar with the Microsoft Office.



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