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A query on your Blog!

JQuery has improved the way blogs can perform enormously. With the advent of jQuery things have livened up on blogs making them that much more interesting. Interaction with people in real time can improve blogs so much that it is really true that static websites are dead in the water. I am not saying you must not have static pages because they are important too. They have a very real place in a blog, especially in areas where the information doesn’t change very often: For example, on your “about page” and your “contact page”. These actually need to be static.

I have listed a few of the jQuery plug-ins that are available that I have been looking at lately together with what they can do to enhance your blog.

Wp Slimbox

This is a basic light box script. It is very light and very fast. It uses CSS and doesn’t seem to be available to most mobiles and seems to have a problem with Google chrome.

WordPress Sidebar

This is a little lesson on how to create code to use a plug-in and jQuery to create what you want to do in the sidebar.

Creating a Form

We all use forms on our blogs in some form or the other. But to actually validate it and make sure the info we are collecting is right. This page tells us how to set about it with various plug-ins. You will be using a minified version of jQuery as well as jQuery validations plug-in. The full tutorial is on the page linked above. At the end of this you should have your page that is validated, which appears when a comment is made.

A WordPress plug-in for Snazzy archives

This is a really neat way of showing your archives. All little pictures with the relevant photos attached on one page or more with numbers. It is a most attractive way of presenting the archives for your blog. It has different layouts available and the plug-in checks your posts for photos and videos as well as comments and lays it all out in neat blocks. You can even have it in a carousel design. This is a very different way of showing archives and gives a professional feel to a blog. This is obviously a plug-in in the making as they say certain aspects are experimental. However, why not give them a try and give the people feedback about how it worked for you.

Giving Order To your Pages

This plug-in gives you the means to place the pages in the order in which you want them to appear. It uses drag and drop, which makes the task a lot easier if you have a lot of pages you want to sort.

Login  enhanced

Once again, a light box has come in handy. This just makes logging in so much easier for your visitors. This is again in the form of a tutorial which just makes your actual log-in a little different from the normal.

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