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A Web Designer’s Guide to Linux fonts

Linux font is a powerful web designing tool. It adds unique variety to a design. Once utilized appropriately it can immensely enhance the way visitors read content on a web page. More importantly it provides variation to the entire layout of the web design. It is has been argued that designers do not give it the credence they ought and in some instances they have considered the fonts redundant. However, this articles aims at offering some insights into the usefulness of Linux fonts to web designing culture.

Short Shrift: Microsoft Core Fonts

There have been some notable misconceptions surrounding the use of Linux fonts as it relates to Microsoft Core Fonts. It has always been perceived that the seven fonts provided by Microsoft word were the world of fonts. But with Linux internet users have come to realize that a wonderful world existed out side of Microsoft word fonts.
Precisely, this is why many designers have conceived Microsoft Core fonts as being short shrift in that they actually limit the design layout. After integrating seven fonts within a web page what next there is to do but complete the design? There and then it is could be frustrating to the designer’s ingenuity.
The paradigm of fonts from a Microsoft typography focuses on sans serif fonts; serif fonts; monoface fonts and fantasy fonts. Merely seven of these can be used with any degree of dexterity. The regularity with which seven font applications are utilized within the culture gives rise to font monotony within the science.

San serif Text confines users to three choices Arial, Veranda or Trebuchet MS.  With Serif Text there is the already inscribed Georgia and Times Roman. Monspace embraces two distinct categories Impact or black Arial. Fantasy fonts have existing additional redundancies. Distinctively, here is where the dexterity of Linux fonts takes precedence.

Linux fonts

There is an array of Linux fonts which are very useful to every web designer. Code style offers a monthly survey on users’ feedbacks of the product. Presently, Century School Book L ranks number one in the mostly used Linux fonts. Second is the URW Chancery L. This is decorative calligraphy found only on Linux computers. Computer scientists link it with Zaft Chancery Abode Postscript Font, Apple Chancery and MS Office Monotype Corsiva.

URW Gothic L comes in the third place and is similar to Futura and Avantgrade of Abode PostScript. Fourthly is URW Bookman L which is resembles Abode PostScript Bookman. Nimbus Mono is ranked in the fifth mostly used Linux founts in the contemporary computer world of graphic designs. It is very similar to Andale Mono.
Lucida Bright ranks sixth in the line up for userability of Linux fonts. The difference with the font to the other Linux font is while ranking sixth on the scale it has the same market penetration on Mac computers as Linux. It is unique family of fonts which can be accessed by simply Ubiquitous Arial.

Even though users may take for granted that all computers contain Arial fonts it is a computer science and technology fallacy which does not hold true for Linux computers. Linux fonts are exclusive to Linux brand computers.


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