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A Welcome Change to Logins

Don’t you find it refreshing to see a different kind of login page that actually makes you feel welcome? This sets a good tone to the whole website. It puts a smile on your face and means you are in the mood to actually read what is on the website with fresh and intent eyes.  By giving this impression at the entrance to your site you actually are creating a friend before they even enter.  It’s an excellent chance to make a new friend without even trying personally.

There is a simple way to do this if you can add imagination to it. You are actually starting the business of branding yourself. And with Custom Branding Plugin you can do this. You will be able to make a new log-in page as well as the footer and admin header. The plug-in supplies you with some Photoshop templates, which you can use to change your own photos in these three places.

When you have put the new photos in, you probably need to clear the cache on your computer to enable you to see the new images. Furthermore, try by pressing the F5 key on your computer a few times. This usually does a refresh for you. There is a new release of this plug-in, which extends the way the database works so if you have an older one you need to plug in the new add on release.

Once you have this, you can do a whole lot with your log-in page and actually use it to brand your image on the internet. The way you start out is extremely important. It is the branding image that will follow you on the net probably forever. Just look at the fuss that was made when a recent logo was changed until the company gave in and changed it back. It was a whole lot of fuss over trying to change a brand image.

It is extremely important to get it right from the beginning.  You must look at things from all sides and also do blind testing to make sure of what the image is, that is presented to the world. Try it out without telling people what you are trying to achieve.  You might even try doing it as a forum and asking for feedback as to what it means to the people viewing a photo or graphic image. Make sure you copyright it before you show the visual. You can even implant a watermark to make sure people realize it is protected.

Once you have your brand you will use it all over. Not just on your login page but in your contact page also. This is what is going to make people recognize you.

Another plug-in that does something similar is BM Custom Login.

Here you have a plug-in that uses a PSD template to enable you to change the login page.  One thing about using a plug in is that it makes upgrading your basic WordPress isn’t a problem as it continues to work.

Some well thought out login pages are shown below. These photos just give you an idea of what you can do.



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