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All about Android Apps

Android applications are not new to web designing technology. However, due to Apple iphone infiltrating the industry Android has-been neglected in the wed designing culture. Mainly, the speculations have been that since iphone has been on the market a longer time it has gained momentum.
There are many applications web designers can utilize as techniques, especially, when it comes to improving page layouts and illustrations. The writer hopes that being exposed to these pertinent Android applications will change the way designers have interacted with them overtime.


AndFT is a unique application which allows the user to easily access web servers. Its capabilities are simply amazing. Precisely, there is the opportunity of uploading, viewing and updating files from any location. What a huge advantage this brings to web technology. Actually, it is a real life saver if editing has to be conducted. Never has there been a technology with such efficiency.

Silver edit

Silver Edit has immense capabilities. Besides being free it is considered a source code editor application. It has the ability to facilitate code HTML, CSS and PHP files. Silvered is a magnificent technique of transferring files from any phone through to an email account. Definitely, it can be regarded a state of the art science and technology development making perfect use the transferable file devices.


Abode has been used in many capacities when producing web sites. Firmly, this time it appears in implications of photo shop being part of the Android application therapy to web designing. Experts, however, have predicted that it has limited functionality when compared to desktop despite its ability to fully crop, rotate and saturate images. Distinctively, the usefulness of Photoshop as a scientific device cannot be overemphasized.

View Web Source

View web source is another fascinating Android application utilized specifically, to inspect and download the entire source editor while browsing the mobile web. Precisely, it presents wonderful opportunities to manipulate the code, make comments, save files on a phone or send messages to an email account.

Mobile GA

Mobile GA magnificently incorporates Goggle Analytics on the Android Platform. This is considered a more than ordinary invention in computer technology software and web designing functions. In contemporary web culture Goggle Analytic has been considered the best free Web Service of all times. It is a very useful resource is studying web traffic statistics.
The uniqueness of Mobile GA is that it allows users to apply Goggle Analytics API in securely transferring site data without a third party intervention. This is very remarkable as the scientific world advances by leaps and bounces. Of utmost importance, it maintains privacy throughout the process.


DropBox is also known as the ubiquitous cloud based file backup tool. It has the capacity to access remote folders with documents, which have been stored in the server. Free Android application gives efficient mobile access to all files on once stored using the DropBox account. Remember that there the devices, whether it be a phone or computer must have the tools installed from the transmissions to take place smoothly.

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