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Alternatives to WordPress – Part 1

We all know that WordPress seems to rule the blog scene but there are several other alternatives that other people use, and it seems all we talk about is WordPress. There are numerous alternatives to WordPress out there, and it seems to me a bit of a pity they don’t get viewed more often. Because of this I decided to take a walk around a few of them and try to keep my prejudice for WordPress at bay.

Expression Engine

The first we are going to take a look at is a paid option and this is Expression Engine.  The cost is $79 and this platform seems to be the home of many designers and professionals according to the advertising copy on the site.

Although it was built on the base of an open source platform it has been adapted to create a commercial product. It is said to be very secure and their support team is a team of professionals. They say there is little to nothing they cannot handle.


Joomla is a large platform in the open source field. It can rival WordPress in the number of add ons that are available. I must admit I was impressed with some of the video and photo graphics available on this program.

This is a totally free program with endless possibilities. It is a lot harder for a beginner to understand than WordPress but persistence will pay off.


This blogging platform doesn’t require you to use MySQL at all. It does require a host that has PHP 4 or higher but all the data is stored in the files, so there is no database required at all. This could make it a lot easier for someone with little knowledge.


This is a good vehicle to use as it is clean simple, and you can use templates.

From what I can see its hosted on their website, which means you don’t need web hosting. The photographic section and video sections seem to be very fast and good quality. For me, I am too independent I like to do my own thing on my own host. It seems to be catching on, but I am still a WordPress imp.


This again is an open source platform but one with far more flexibility.

This is a place where you can build to your heart’s content. You can add widgets and plug-ins and extensions download themes and in a word it gives WordPress a run for its money. One thing I liked, it is downloadable, and you can host it on your own host.

This is a very forgiving platform for both beginner and the more advanced, and I would advise anyone who wants an alternative to WordPress to try this.

Get simple

This site has extremely good security in place to protect your data. Again this is on site hosting, and although it is simple and easy to use and you can use plug-ins, etc. The “in with everyone else mode” is not the one that appeals to me.

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