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Applications for managing your fonts

Web designers are known to have a collection of fonts which they use from time to time. However, selecting a font for every designing project can be a very tedious exercise; just what to use can be the real headache. To facilitate this process, here are some useful programs to assist you in making this decision with much less effort.


myfontbook is a device used to organize installed fonts. It lets the designer mark fonts using the keyword allowing a quick evaluation process that facilitates visualization of favorites. Precisely, it is a competent previewing font device which makes selection much easier.

Distinctive features include tagging and favorites whereby the designer can organize fonts, metrics which allows for the application of letterspacing, body text preview, proof sheet and a webapp that can be used on any operating system.

Font Book (Mac)

Font Book is pre-installed Apple computers application and is a powerful tool in designing, how fonts will look on the page layout. It works best on Mac windows and is a very powerful device for managing the way fonts eventually appear on a page.

Distinctive features include organizing, installing, removing on the interface, categorizes fonts, create categories when there is a difficulty in differentiation. Precisely, it is a Standard Mac application which comes with Mac computers.

Font Matrix (Windows/Linux)

Font matrix is just what it suggests. Basically, it is an open source font management system for Linux computers. However, there have been some adaptations, which allow the device to run the Windows operating system too.

It can be recommended for efficiency and accuracy in font alignment for web designing. Distinctive features include tagging, script console, initiative interface and displaying meta information.

Font Picker (Windows /Mac/ Linux/Web browser)

This is a free abode device. Font Picker integrates its free Adobe AIR Desktop system into allowing designers access to scrutinize and display different font sizes. It is considered rather unique in that specifically it runs within the popular abode system. The web base version is a researcher. Distinctive features include the ability to mark fonts as favorites; remove font which are no longer needed, very easy to apply.

sFont Windows

This is another free device which web designers can take full advantage of. As any of the other font devices it has the potential to arrange font sizes into favorite characters. Furthermore, it operates through a filter system facilitating the manipulation of font color, size and background.

Distinctive features are adding font to favorite lists, charmap which gives a matrix view of font characteristics, customize font colors and contains a filter device which provides the option of selecting TrueFont from non TrueFont types.

FindThatFont (Windows/ Linux)

FindThatFont usually is a very user friendly font device that creates previews and organizing all the fonts, which you might have in your system already. They can be placed into 30 groups for which the demand is.

There is a unique mechanism known as Extension Manager. It is recommended for designers who are interested in customizing FindThatFont. Distinctive features include the ability to tag font to more than 30 categories, they are created by utilizing XUL language and there is an extension manager for developers who are interested in customizing.


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