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Apportioning your website

Are you tired of seeing design repeated again and again? Why are the same principles repeated over and over? The answer to that one is simple. They work. That is fine to a certain point but that is where the difference between a good design and a brilliant design comes into play.

One thing to remember in design is you have to have certain aspects to make it work, but by the same token, they don’t always have to be in the same place provided, they are well signposted.

The very first thing to remember is, you need to convey the message immediately clearly and at the same time entice people to want to look further. Never overcrowd your pages or make them long reams of a page.

Clear simple calls to action while giving well thought out information that is factual and unambiguous is essential.

The website needs to flow with energy from the point A to point B without having dead space. Even the white space between the information and the visuals must be a lead on to action.

Using a wire frame is one of the ways one can get the allotment right.
Most people work on the rule of thirds. These thirds can, however, be broken down further or even joined together.

The simple fact of the matter is that “thirds” work well for the eyes. The flow is there and it has a pleasing feel to the page.  As I said they can be joined. This happens when you get a two column website.  The one column is usually double the size of the other.  Sometimes you have the column interspersed with another section like two three two. I personally find this looks choppy, but it does work if you use it very carefully.

If you use a full page and then use the three division and sometimes a 6 division in the footer it can also work, but as you can see it is always in threes.

Dividing a page into threes gives a sense of harmony, and this is very important. With a sense of synchronization, you will immediately be creating a report with your customer, visitor or user.

If you get down to the basics in a per pixel ratio you will be looking at a page of a set proportion and divide it by 1.62. Subtract the figure you calculate from the total, and then you have the balance as the side column.  These figures can be played with but the principal remains the same.
There is a free tool which can be used to find the “golden rule” Proportions.

This gives you the basics but there is also a tool which goes far further and allows you to almost create a grid in the right proportions taking the golden rule into consideration and this means all the grind of drawing a page in thirds and then dividing in thirds again is done away with. You can use this tool to do it for you and work with the grid until you get the way you want your site to appear. This tool is called the Atrise Golden Section.

With this you can create a grid in the right proportions to give your website a pleasing to the eye proportion.


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