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Are you a Celebrity?

Most people dream of being a celebrity from a very young age. This has always happened from time immemorial. If it hadn’t been so, we wouldn’t have had gladiators in times gone by nor would TV series be so popular nor would the soccer players of the world earn such unheard of salaries.  The world has made these people heroes and most youngsters’ dream of becoming just as famous.

Nowadays, there is a new frontier for the famous to become the big cheese and this is on the internet. Being a great discoverer of new technology or having 1 million followers on Twitter is achievable by anyone willing to put in the work.

Is it great to be famous? To be a known face wherever you go? To be honest with you, no it’s not. I speak from experience there. Not from the internet but in my personal life at the time some years ago. The invasion of privacy is horrific. I built up a career and eventually was only too keen to go and hide in the country. Thank heavens I found a place where people allow you to be you. Fortunately there are several like me hiding where I am hiding so they understand.

However, that is not the point of this article. I am going to suggest to you steps you can take to become the celebrity you want to be if you take the time and trouble. The best thing about being famous on the internet is your face is not known to every person in the country.

Being famous on the internet can be motivated for more than one reason. Usually the reason this is sort on the internet is a monetary reason.

If you are well known and well thought of you can recommend a product, and far more people are likely to buy it through you thus allowing you to earn more commission than most Tom, Dicks or Harry’s.

Most tools you will require are freely available on the internet, and although you don’t require a large quantity of time to do it, it does take the dedication and continuous effort. You will need to use the tools on a daily basis and set up your profile on the internet in a good and efficient manner and keep up your good name.

By setting up a full series of profiles across all social network programs and using them to create a following across the whole spectrum either by posting excellent articles and also by giving good free advice and help across the net you will become known as the person to whom to turn when need of any help or advice. You won’t become famous overnight but any famous person will tell you it takes time and dedication to your craft.

It is important to choose your name in the same format across the board so no one else can imitate your profile.  This is extremely important as once you become well know if someone can do you harm, they will. There are always jealous people around and some on the net can be very detrimental to your career if they post negative things in your name. Keep your nose clean and make sure that no one can tag you in bad situations. Choose your friends wisely and rather than befriend people create a fan page as this shows a more lenient attitude to any posts and tags as it is obvious that it is a fan and doesn’t involve you personally. Make sure you do damage control in advance rather than try to do it later. This means you need to be on page one leaving no chance of negative comments to appear there.


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