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Are you community based?

The need to network in the design business is great.  With the amount of knowledge needed in each area, the need to specialize is important. It means that the freelancers trying to do the whole thing on their own are not going to achieve the very best for their clients. The chances of being able to do everything yourself are slim. The digital age is advancing too fast for anyone to keep up with all aspects of it.

If you are lucky enough to know people already from college or wherever you did your web design course it’s a good idea to get  in touch with them and see if any of them is specializing in a particular area and see if you can set up a working arrangement. If you don’t know people it’s a good idea to find some people work that you like and see if you can work out something with them.  It’s far easier to concentrate on one particular area and at the same to keep up with the rest by meetings. It’s not necessary that it has to be in your own town or even the same country as long as you have a good working agreement. I would, however, advise you do it legally and in writing so there are no arguments about payments later.

Obviously, by this time you have created the area that actually intrigues you the most and will have mastered all aspects of it. Once you have specialized, you have something to offer to a network of individuals as to make you a valuable member of a team.

If you went to design school and have a feel around for possible partners.  There are others that are going to be in the same boat as you, and if you already know their work and in which direction they specialize in, you are half way there.  While you might not find the right person immediately if you put the word out there is always someone who knows someone. This is networking. You can put the word out on Twitter that you are looking to team up with people.

It is very important to have a cross section that will facilitate the group to be able to complete a task well and with precision in the required time.  Make sure you make it a legal agreement not a lose word of mouth item.  Appoint a CEO and have the group registered as a legal company and appoint an accountant.  You can use the web to meet on, but you do need legal minutes for any decisions reached.

It might seem too much of a bind at this stage but down the line you will be pleased you did. It seldom works out that everyone always gets along and the agreements will need to be fair and binding so if there is a falling out you have that covered, and it means it’s on paper.

Suggested needs for the network would be a sales person with good negotiating skills. Another person you will need is a good writer for the product info and writing for the web pages. You will also need graphics artist or good photo expert or both and a markup and code expert to create good clean pages.

There are several programs that will provide access to things like minute taking and keeping track of your projects, which can be used but should you wish to use a program where you can use voice and take audio minutes using your pc, you could use a chat program like Paltalk and create a free private room for up to 10 people.


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