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Are You Creating the Next Facebook?

The need to talk is one of the reasons for the phenomena of Facebook and Twitter and the like, isn’t really so incredible. It’s merely a case of the desperate need for people to find someone to talk to that won’t criticize. The faceless individual on the other side of a computer is far easier to talk to than the friend or family member who will try to end up running your life. This need for social networks is one of the chances that you can use with some of the free or paid platforms that you can use to put up your own Web2 program.

I have gathered a small list together pointing you in the direction of some of these platforms that you can use.

The All in One Control Management Panel

A platform to download that is the open source and is a framework for you to work on. This is not for the faint hearted or the person that has no knowledge of code and how the web works. You will need to use a lot of inside knowledge to get this going. If you are looking for a plug and play operation we will need to look further.

Dolphin Software

This is free software that you can use to build your community with. All the basics you need are here and already installed, all you really need is a host and a Domain name. The condition it comes free is that you display the software banner in the bottom. If you do not wish to display the banner the price is $99. I looked to see if it included sound, but I don’t think it does.

Altra Efriends

This one has a price tag which seems to alter with special offers. Right now it is available for $99 for the first 100 to buy or $140 thereafter (Subject to checking yourself). It has additional widgets. This is similar to My Space and Friendster.

Crowd Vine

This is more a way of having an online conference. It is Free for up to 500 people per event after that you start paying per event. The difference is that you get set up assistance and no advertising.  If you are hosting a huge event it can cost a lot of money but there are several advantages of this if you are a large company with people all over the world. You can have a company online conference instead of having to fly people in from all over the world. This could mean a huge saving in both time and money.

Crowd Factory

Crowd Factory is the odd one out here. This is a company that basically does social network marketing for companies and through a community set up.  They do not give a price for their work. It appears it depends on the size of the company they are working for. Basically, what they do is all the online slog of doing tweets, posts and articles and they do it in bulk for a client aiming to achieve high results in monetary terms.


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