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Are you looking for a blog editor? – Part 1

Blogging editors are very useful, especially for people who are doing multiple blogs. Some of them even allow you to post to various social media accounts.

More and more are becoming available, and they can prove to be extremely useful. Each one does something different or in a different way, and it can take time to find the one that suits you best.

The first one I looked at today is a cross platform Editor, and that is Flock.

This one is different from most of the others in that it allows you to post not only to your blog but to your accounts like FaceBook and places like that.

It’s pretty normal other than that as it is a ‘‘what you see’’ editors where you can insert images and videos in addition to your text. You can post to more than one blog.

Gnome Blog is a blog editor which is pretty simple to use.

It uses a drag and drop method for images, and it can be used as a stand alone editor. You can use it with most of the blogging platforms.

One for use with a Mac is MarsEdit.

This, again, isn’t free but you can download a free trial for 30 days. The cost is $29.95 and this can be used with most of the various platforms. This text editor is similar to email in the way it works. You can use things your image library on Flickr and also use file uploads. There are many Apple apps that you can use with it.

The next one is a Windows Text Editor called Newz Crawler.

This text editor allows you to integrate news feeds into the editors. This means you can re post items from another blog somewhere. This again is a “what you see” but the difference lies in the fact that you can integrate news downloaded podcasts. You can include subscription synchronization as well as news channels. The cost for this is $24.95.

Another windows editor is a free one called Post2Blog.

This one is a little different as it includes a toolbar from MSWord, which enables you to post from an article you have created in word. You can also include a plug-in which allows a direct post of images.

You can do an auto upload of images. This is an editor you can use for Blogger as well as WordPress, including many others.

A cross platform editor called QTM is an open source program.

This works with most blogging platforms excluding Blogger. Again it is a “What you see” but this time it includes categories as well as tags. You can also use it for Quickposts.

The next one can be used on both PC’s and Macs. The ‘‘what you see’’ function is here, and you can also insert keyword adverts in Qumana.

This has the ability to do Technorati tagging as well as image up loads and joy of joy it has spell check. This supports most of the blogging platforms.


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