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Are you looking for a blog editor? – Part 2

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of blogs on the internet. The estimated amount on the net at the moment is something like 200 million. Fortunately or unfortunately, many of these have bitten the dust and been abandoned. People tend to start blogs with great enthusiasm, and once a few months have passed without a whole lot of visitors, they tend to abandon them as being too much hard work.

The thing is you really need to work at promoting a blog and this takes good SEO and self promotion. Many people don’t understand this side of blogging and think all you need to do is write an article and post it on the blog and people will flock to read it.  It doesn’t work this way. For a start who is going to know its there? Secondly has it even reached a search engine? Just think how many websites there are on the internet. In among all of those sites, who is going to find you if you don’t advertise yourself?

If you are going to be blogging and are starting to be successful and getting visitors you really need to make your life easier and get a good blog editor.

You need to choose the blog editor that is of most use to you.  What you would choose would depend on whether you are using a Windows or a Mac machine. You also have the choice of browser based or on your PC.

Let us look at a few because they really do make your life easier.

The first on the list is Bleezer.

This is a very easy “What you see” editor which has spell check (Always a must for me) It supports categories and allows you to upload images, and you can use it off line. You can use it with any of the blogging platforms, and you can also you tagging services with it. This is a good way to go as you can do a great deal with it.

The second one is BlogDesk.

This is a little more restricted as it only does certain blogging platforms, for example, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Serendipity, Drupal and Movable Type. It is only useable on a Windows machine. You do get a “What you see” function and the ability to do editing on images. You can insert from the Editor, and you can also edit posts that you have already published. It gives you the ability to generate tags.  You can download the guide for this Editor, which gives you a full lesson on how to use each function.

The last one we will look at here is BlogJet. This one is not free like the other two but has different price structures, $39.95 license for one user and $79.95 for a business license. This again is a ‘What you see’. You get the spell checker and a counter for the amount of words. You can embed things like images and videos. It supports a lot of the various blogging platforms. Once of the differences is that posts are able to be cached. So you get to find older posts even without being connected to the net. There is an auto replacement function. In addition to this you can use this to do multiple posts on different blogs.


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