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Are you looking for a blog editor? – Part 3

If you are a blogger of any description you will probably like to write your blogs off line while you can think clearly without thinking about the blog itself. This means you really need the services of a blog editor of some description. There are on browser blog editors and there are downloadable blog editors.

The first one we are going to look at is one that works online in GNOME. This is called BloGTK.

This Editor is Linux based. This works with WordPress as well as Blogger and MovableType. They are busy working on updating it to the next version at the present. I personally prefer to work offline.

Windows Live Writer is the next blog editor I took a look at and this one does a whole lot of things.

It not only allows you tag, write your blogs and insert photos, but it also allows you to do a whole lot to the photos themselves. You can insert twitter Digg and Flickr items and works with several blogging platforms.  This means you can use it with Blogger and WordPress as well at Windows Live and Live Journal.

Dealing with Macs and Editors for Macs we have MacJournal.

This uses Picasea and allows you to manipulate your images. This is not free but costs $34,95 for a single license.

Another one for Mac is Blogo.

Again this is not free, but you can get a trial for three weeks. The cost is $25. This is able to insert video and widgets as well. It has an offline mode, and you can use this for multiple inserts.

One that comes from Europe is MyBlogEdit’s and costs 10 euros.

This can be used off line editing. It can be used with CSS and also has color HTML editing available. You can use it for image integration. This editor can be used with many of the blogging platforms.

This seems to be turning into a Mac Editors list as the next one is MyWeblog.

This is very similar to the one above and is mainly for WordPress. This one costs €19

A Firefox extension is the next one up and is called Deepest Sender.

It is also a “What you see” Editor, which does the spell check and can be used off line. If your browser does crash it will retain it as it does a crash recovery. This can be used with WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal.

I love the name of the next one, it is called Drivel.

This supports several of the platforms and most of the major ones at that. There is an automatic recovery principal with this one. You have the use of spell check as well most of the both advanced posting methods as well being able to use Html highlighting.

The last one we are going to be looking at here today is Ecto, which is for a Mac.

This is again is a “Watch you See” as well as HTML editor. With this you can incorporate your RSS and of course as it is Mac it uses Safari. You can use it to save drafts and also do alterations to already published posts. You can also use it for more than one blog. It works with most of the well known Blogging platforms. This has the modest price tag of $19.95.


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