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Are you using Chrome?

Google Chrome has numerous plug-ins and is a faster than Firefox, although it has not got nearly as many or as varied plug-ins as Firefox has.  I personally doubt if I will ever move over to Google Chrome. I have tried it on my laptop to see how well it works and to use the various plug-ins to try them out but to be honest after the experiment I decided I preferred Firefox and reverted back to that. I then found that to get rid of Chrome, I basically had to reformat the computer completely which I really didn’t like. It meant to me that Google was invading my PC. To my eyes if I decide I want to remove something the entire thing should go. It shouldn’t hide bits on it to then come up on my firewall as trying to install things. Yes folks it did happen. However, that being said I did review the various plug-ins and if you are going to use it, you need to know about them.

Ok You are transferring your means of viewing from Firefox to Chrome so how are you going to replace your current plug-ins.

You want to block adverts on websites? Ok they can be annoying, and they do gobble up extra bytes. There is a plug-in that will stop these in their tracks, and it is called AdThwart Plus.

This is an open source offering and almost the same as the one on Firefox.

Saving sections of websites, including all the relevant photographs links and text has been made possible with the Evernote Web Clipper plug-in.

This means you can you can call up the different items of interest both offline and on by using the plug-in and the green tab that appears.

If you want to keep your passwords available there is a plug-in called LastPass.

Whether this is a good idea or not, I am not going to comment on as I am a paranoid on security. This is the same plug-in you would use on Firefox.

RSS feed is one of the items you do need and this is similar to the one available on Firefox.

Most people know what RSS feed is and this will find the RSS feed on any page you are viewing and allow you to join easily irrespective of what browser you are using.

The next plug-in works in a similar fashion to ‘StumbleUpon’ by finding similar pages to the one you are viewing. It’s a way of finding information about a subject you are researching. It is called Google Similar Pages.

Delicious-Chrome will put the button to the site on your Google tool bar.

Do you want to be able to scroll through the page at a fast rate to find the item you are looking for? Well, the current plug-in which is called Goggle Quick Scroll, will do just that for you.

Another that is a quick way of getting to where you want to update yourself from is the Chromed Bird which links you to Twitter.

Obviously, you will see this as a quick way of following your ongoing conversations or tweets.

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