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Article Writing to Give Value

When you start a new blog or website it is very difficult to get it off the ground in many ways. Unless you know your way around the blog and news seen you can be lost in the water before you start. Amazingly enough there are many websites out there that will give you a host of info, and if you collect this info and make an inventory of it and put it to use when you start out you can have a good web site up and running in a short time. It’s a good idea to compile a notebook for yourself with all the articles indexed and sorted so that you know where to find what you want when you need it. I tend to be pretty organized in this direction, and I often refer back to things on websites. Luckily, I have kept the info safe and sound. Websites do tend to come and go, and also they update their websites and if the article is old it might be long gone.

You will need to use article writing as one way of advertising your site because this is how the word gets around on the internet that your website or blog is around. There are several places that you can place your articles the main one being E-zineArticles.com.

You will need to write good helpful articles, which are well written with good grammar and spelling. Write about 6 or 7 of these and keep them to around 500 words. Try to keep to subjects on which you are going to be writing about on your blog. Make sure it is something you are really knowledgeable on.
This is one of the first places that you can place your articles. As I said they have to be knowledgeable, well thought out and well written. Anything sub standard will be rejected.

The next thing to do is to start checking out the blogs on the net that fall into the same category as yours. Join up with a few of them and start responding to the articles with intelligent comments. Now start with you on going blogging on your own site. Make sure the articles and the blogs have use not just, for the moment, but also for the future and also make sure you set up the archives so that anyone looking for the articles can find them easily by the topic. Do not bury them in some obscure number and place. Be sure to ping your articles to Technorati.

 Technorati looks for tags on your website so be sure to make sure you tag everything on your posts. Remember to include the link to get WordPress to ping to Technorati when you post a new blog article.

Your domain name is very important, and it’s important to register a domain preferably as a dot com. If possible take it for more than one year. This indicates to the search engines that you are not a fly by night someone just doing a quick website to advertise something, but that you are here for the longer run. This is important for your ranking as well when it reaches that stage.

Start Blogging.


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