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Beautiful and Very High Resolution Wall paper

Have you ever been fascinated by the colorful wall paper designers use to call forth aesthetics in their work. Sure, you must have been there and was enticed by the lavish variegation and extensive landscaping projections in the background. By effectively applying wallpaper to the Layout designer can capture fascinating web designs. Their high resolution potential does the trick.
In the following paragraphs, the writer’s intention is to expose readers to various High Resolution Wall Papers. These are available to enhance not only the life of the designer, but also entice the eyes of visitors as they browse your web site or computer desktop.
 It is all left to you if you want to continue looking at drab web pages from your desk top when there is so much variety out there. These wall papers include Stonehenge; bamboo, dragon frog, the monastery and romantic cottage.
Stonehenge comes with a crimson sun set like back ground view. The orange reflection appears beyond dark stones growing up from the earth combining interesting shapes. Some of these stones tend to give an upright cave appearance with a natural vegetation underlying finish to the art work. This gorgeous color inflicted arrangement blends orange with dark brown greenish stones and naturally appearing green grass.

This design depicts bamboo vegetation apparently aligning seashore in the background or a wide open space. From how the design is portrayed there is some degree of ambiguity as to what stands behind the half way trunks of bamboo trees.
Perhaps, the designer’s focus is on the bamboo and not so much what incorporates the scenery. However, the beauty of this wall paper is the designer’s ability to capture three scenes into one, the blue bamboo, green brown grass and a white binding reflection.

Dragon Frog
These compelling shades of green are indicative of wall paper design highlighting the popular green earth phenomenon which includes the green house effect. If your desire is to remind your self of safe environmental practices this wall paper design adequately features this concept.

The monastery
This wall paper is self explanatory as shades of blue sky highlight the background. There are no buildings, which indicate that the designer wanted to depict a monastic environment which is beyond the walls of an actual monastery.
The designer tries to capture a path either leading to the sea or somewhere linking earth to sky with a horizon interpretation. There is the appearance of mountains reaching up to sky as if again linking earth with sky. Regardless of what the designers’ intentions were this can be regarded as masterpiece wall paper design ideal for solitude engagement.

Romantic cottage
In this design, there is the potential to portray romance as a type of solitude in itself rather than a honeymoon. Colors are restricted to dark brown forging a lighter landscape beyond the cottage scenery. At first glance it is frightening. Maybe the designer’s intention is to focus on the cottage rather romance itself. Importantly, it is a valuable wall paper selection for designers who are prone to melancholy.


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