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Beautiful fresh uncomplicated Web Designs

Visitors vary in their taste of what constitutes a beautiful, clean, simple web design. This is no different in the way they vary the taste of food, clothing, entertainment and relationships. The difference with web designs’ taste is that the visitor wants to be enticed. The host alternatively, focuses on encouraging visitors to shop a product, buy a service, join a network or post a blog.
A beautiful clean, simple web design is the key to achieving this goal. However, it must be understood that the designer has to plan carefully by utilizing the necessary resources in culminating the process. This article provides some useful examples of web sites that can be very effective show pieces as being beautiful, clean and simple.


Sofa is a perfect web design depicting beauty, simplicity and clean appearance. Evidently, it has e-commerce properties. It is a company advertising a service and not so much a product. The logo stands prominent at the top of the page and the font size selected is simple and very appropriate for the design. This is what gives it that cleanness in appearance.
Precisely, the color scheme is a mild white signifying purity and black, strength, according to the web designing color theory. The header consists of all the information that should be known about the website and its product. Similarly, the footer appears to be displaying icons leading visitors to content pages.

Killian Muster

The designer skillfully blends colors, calligraphy, header and footer projections to represent the thoughts which are to be conveyed to the visitor. Gray and black are not colors, which form a part of the color theory. However, designers use them with great dexterity, and it attracts attention with its simplicity.
Killian Musters is delightfully beautiful. Take a look at how the cleanness submerges into serenity. The background is definitely gorgeous. There are no undesirable shadows or misappropriations of light flash across the page.

Tim Bjorn

This design displays the indescribable beauty interwoven with elegant simplicity. It is just an awesome designing technique. No confusing colors nether shadows to blind or dim your vision. The white and black background provides a distinguished surface for the mounted image.
This image appears to be a cluster. However, it is difficult to detect the designer’s intention hidden in it. The web page body forms the header and there is a very narrow footer for aesthetics. Three small icons are located on the left top corner utilizing cursive calligraphy. This is simply a marvelous breath taking design.


The entire design appears to be a header and footer display since all that is needed to navigate the site is found on the front page. With this design, there is more than black, white and gray interplay of colors. Besides, incorporated are mauve blue a tickle of pink, green and yellow. 
Still it would seem that a major goal of simplicity and cleanness is avoiding a wide range color scheme as suggested in the color theory. Simplicity from the designs examined so far lays in selecting mild colors and few well spaced graphics as well as calligraphy that is readable and can stand out.


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