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Beautiful Script fonts for designers

Script fonts provide incredible beauty and taste to any design. However, some designers find it difficult sometimes articulating the correct font to meet their specific needs. It has been a universal cry. In response here are some intelligent ideas of script fonts for which the option is yours to combine skill with creativity as you invent that unique web page or web site.
Among the font types presented in this article are Cream Puff, Ginga, Ball Park, Angel Tears,  Carrington; and Dirty and Classic. These are the mere tip of the ice berg in relation to fonts that are out there on the market. Here are some of the most popular ones from which you can blend in projecting the variety.


This unique demonstration of font style was created by Billy Angel in 2008 and is a licensed font. As such, there may be restrictions to its use. So please read between the lines before applying it to your design. It can be considered gracefully enchanting calligraphy adopting a cursive impediment.

Ball Park

Even though Ball Park has a similar appearance to Cream Puff when added to the design it seems to have a milder effect in terms of puffing. It has been considered a true font being vented by Mickey Rossi. It slants slightly to the right and is displayed in cursive regardless of whether it is reproduced in upper or lower case dimensions.

Angel Tears

Designers would obviously expect a tearing calligraphy when applying Angel Tears to the website or page. Billy Angel’s interpretation of Angel Tears has a unique dispensation. He portrays his intention by adopting an upright stance to the calligraphic yet slightly tilted to the right for emphasis. The Angelic potential can he identified in the uprightness of purpose and the impending right side tilt tears of the angel.


This font is written for applications of letters, figures and punctuation marks. They also appear to be tendered in both cursive and script, which emphasizes to the variety of purpose. Most fonts can be accessed through @font- face where more detailed information on its usage could be derived.

Dirty and Classic

This is another of Billy Angel’s production. The inventor wanted to depict two diametrically opposed ideals being dirty yet classic. True, at first glance it seems dirty with the pigmented inscriptive background.
However, the calligraphy is comparatively classic when assessed within the parameters of many other fonts found in the industry. Billy Angel’s unique interpretation of dirty yet classic infringes on the addition of pigmentation as great background sensitivity to the font itself.


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