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Best Free Website Analytic Tools

Often web designers are web site owners as well. Always it is important to be acquainted with visitors to the web site and the nature of their interaction. For this to be realized with efficiency analytic tools are of utmost importance. Some of them are clicky, Google Analytics, reinvigorate, Piwik, Yahoo web Analytic, WordPress.com stats woopra and fireStats
 With the influx of numerous tools pervading the industry one would expect that it is easy to find a tool. However, this is not always the case. There are times when one would find that they all may not be compatible neither beneficial. This article attempts to offer users information on the best analytic tools available today.



This is simple to use. It has the capacity to plot routes visitors take to get to the website and line graph each activity. The host can monitor real time activity in terms of basics statistics; goals; visitor’s activity and content analysis. Four important features form the focus of the evaluation.

Google Analytics

In this technologically developed era Google Analytics has gained international popularity. It is among the best of the best and is widely used. Being a very user friendly and tool designers as well as hosts rely on its accuracy for precise statistical management of activity on their sites.
There is a team of designers who are engaged in creating upgrades for this tool so as to maintain its efficiency in the computer technology world. Experts refer to Google Analytics as being an enterprise class tool with custom reporting. Its unique graphical coding of activity is second to none in the industry.


Reinvigorate speaks for itself. It is a masterpiece in the industry comparatively efficient to Google Analytics for accuracy in reporting web site activity, their intertwining lineal graphical illustrations.
This means that the tools capture activity and compares them graphically for easier representations as well as interpretation. The screen is distinctly divided into two color parts. There are two sets of dotted lines running along the horizontal and vertical axes emphasizing visitor’s activities.


Piwik can sometimes be complicated to manage being an open source tool directly relating to PHP and MySQL. Within 5 minutes, it can be installed on your server. This tool accounts for visits by the server time, frequency overview, length of visits as well as last visit activity. It is a remarkable tool which detects unique interactions on the website. Statistics are presented as linear and bar interpretations.

Yahoo! Web Analytic

This is a free full featured enterprise analytic solution. It has a very efficient dash board, segmentation tools and campaign management features. The way web data are displayed is somewhat different to the most popular web analytic tools in the industry.
For example, both vertical bars carry figures representative of web activity on opposite sides of the bars. Then the horizontal bar takes on the feature of naming the various locations visitors enter from to get to Yahoo. Precisely, it accounts for revenue, action and average order value.

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