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Best Free Website Analytics Tools

Both web designers and owners have responsibility for maintaining their own policing website mechanism. It is important to know what traffic your website is attracting and regularly analyze its quality and quantity. There are free tolls viable, which can contribute greatly in your effort to keeping traffic safe.


One of the best tools being offered is known as clicky. What clicky does? It is said to provide itself on real time analytics. Features include a very clean functional UI and self sufficient iphone.

Google analytics

Google offers a very improved analytic service in the web industry. It is often referred to as Google Analytics or GA.GA offers free very detailed statistics of web visitors. According to resources Google’s strength lies in its ability to cushion report.

Its focus is on marketers as against webmasters unlike many other sights. Currently, it is the most widely used statistic service for web analysis in modern societies. It can attract visitors from all referral sights and domains.


Reinvigorate is a very powerful tool which provides real-time stat tracking. According to the experts, it can also alert users when visitors take specific actions on the site. Precisely, it can capture traitors or predators quickly. Furthermore, it carries a heat map technology showing exactly where visitors are clicking. Certainly, it helps in the detection of potential dangers to the site.

Yahoo web analysis

Information regarding the accessibility of yahoo Web Analytics services can be found on the internet. Some of those are free and contain a full featured enterprise analytics solution. They also carry powerful and flexible dashboards, segmentation tools, and campaign management features.

Yahoo’s popularity, however, in the web and internet business has not spread itself immensely into developing distinct analyst features as some other technologies emerging later. Consequently, measures are been devised through a Yahoo Web Analysts Consultant network as part of the reconciliation of its web analysis deficits.


WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) and is often used as a blog publishing device. As such, when considering traffic control and monitoring WordPress can offer some of the best features to trace activity on your site.

Features include a plug in the architecture template system. This system is used by more than 12% of the biggest websites in the industry. It is the most popular CMS of contemporary times. Definitely, you can choose it as your web analyst.


Popular projections are that Woopra is among the worlds most comprehensive, information rich, easy to use, real-time Web tracking and analysis application. Without any supportive scientific research, the speculations are using estimated number of users that there is enough to prove its validity.


FireStats can best be described as an Ajax web statistics system which collaborates with many CMS systems. It displays basic data as it relates to page views, visitors, advanced browser operations and many more relevant but simple features in the analysis of web page traffic.


This is considered an advanced website visitor analysis application with an AJAX-rich interface. It also combines powerful web-analytic with top notch SEO tools.


Mint is known as a very flexible web analysis program. Moreover, it is simple to use, especially for persons who are not acquainted with web analysis. There is a fee of $30 to use the service.

Blog tracker

A Blog Tracker is distinctively used to monitor block activity.


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