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Blogging for the future

More and more people are heading to the blogging platforms to advertise and to try to connect to the people of the world to find new customers. And while this is not a bad idea you are going to need a good text editor to keep the work under control. This means you need to have a good idea of what you are looking for to be able to get yourself set up with a good editor to make your life easier as you will be organizing to do a lot of posting.

Taking a look at a few of the available editors is therefore, a good idea.

RocketPost 2, which is a windows editor.

You can do your basic WYSIWYG editing with this as well as photo editing. You can resize compress and crop with this. You can then import your entire edit on to the blog. This is a paid application, and it is priced by the blog. A single license costs $29, and if you are doing multi blogging you can buy a multi blog for $49. It can be used free on Blogger. It works on FTP.

One that you can use both for Mac and Windows is ScribeFire, which is a Firefox ext.

It will save your post as a draft and can also put a timestamp on the post. Most of the major blogging platforms are supported.

Another cross platform is Thingamablog.

This is another free blog editor. You will require you ftp to access the server. You can use this to do hundreds of posts multiple blogs and also do it via email.

You can use it to use templates and then post those templates. You can integrate newsreader, you can ping with it, and you will find it totally different from most other text editors. It might be well worth a look at for your uses.

A windows editor is w.blogger.

This is for multiple blogs, and you can html tags menu. As well text formatting you can have the option to save posts for later editing. This is available for most of the blogging platforms.

Another windows editor is WB Editor 3, which has a cost of $29.99 per user.

This can be used off line editing as well as theme management. This has image uploading as well as support for plug-ins. You have the ability to use this on most of the blogging platforms.

The last but not least editor for blogging is Zoundry Raven is a Windows Editor.

This is based on the open source market and includes most of the normal items like WYSIWYG, but it includes the ability to tag items and you can post to multiple blogs and gives you the use of things like the Picasa and image shack. This is a little different from the rest. As it is an open source it is free like they normally are and this is worth taking a look at.

The use of a text editor is very helpful and one should really take a look at the use of one when you are going into blogging in a big way. This is a tool you will find extremely useful.


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