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Boosting tips for your business

An online presence for every business is very important. Organizations have taken it so seriously that now they fight for clicks on their pages; they do know the only way to get about the clicks is by delivering the quality consumers want. And that’s how you can have your page on the top in its niche. Well, that’s just a part of it, there is much more than that.
Why do you think it’s important to be at the top? Obviously, in order to generate the revenue of approximately one tenth of one day of bill gates! Now, who’s up for this?

You can have your page on the top either due to an increase in traffic or due to intensive buying on your page. If there is a lot of purchasing going on then that enhances the perception of your potential customers about your product. This immediately gets you on the top, and you’re on your way to making some more.
Traffic creation, as I mentioned, is not what’s required by every business, some are actually looking forward to some serious customers. The following eight tips will actually tell you how to grab buyers than traffic.

1. Split Test Pages

Use Google Website Optimizer for this purpose; check how your traffic responds to your page and makes sales on our page. Find out how they interact with your page and which part seems to bring about the result you desire. Have you been doing a lot of advertising and would you like to find out the result of all your marketing gimmicks? Simply get a view of your page with Google Website Optimizer and find out what needs to change or improve.

2. Add a Contact Number

If you’re into a service business then you need to add your contact number to the top of the page. This helps your traffic to interact with you easily. They find out what you can really do for them without having to waste time around your page looking for a solution. You can even notice the difference in conversion when calls are routed to a voice mailbox.

3. Make Your Quote and Order System Simple

If you get too many mails full of inquiries regarding sales, then it’s likely that your order system is going through a setback. Simplify it. Make sure your order age is free from bugs that can turn away your prospects.

4. Sell Your Services as Products

Even if you’re in the service business you should know that service selling is equal to product selling. Try to project your service in such a way that it immediately appeals to your market, and they make a go for it. This will require you to go through a few of marketing principles and empathize with clients in order to know how they make a purchase.
Try to be very simple and clear. You should know what you’re selling; once you are clear about your concept, you are bound to attract your customers with greater ease.

5. Testimonials Based on Images

Gary Halbert made one thing absolutely clear; a lot of text is a turn off. Few people enjoy reading, which is why he moved to image based testimonials. The idea was very different and quite a success. Copy paste is quite an issue online and the best part about images is, they cannot be faked! So indulge in all the image based work on your page; from logos to headers and, etc. They will definitely give your page that personal touch.

6. Get an Email Address

Often businesses end up giving the buy-it-or-leave-the-page-Mac touch. This can become frustrating; but you can do something to change this into a possible sale. Simply, give the visitors the chance by asking them to enter their email address so that you may contact them on your products, frequently.

7. Work on the Trust Factor

It may not be a surprise but online pages or websites tend to build up on fraudulent activities. However, if you want to differentiate yourself from them then you will have to act a little wiser. Try to provide sufficient information on how to contact you. Make your presence felt online and offline both. Make sure you have given all relevant contact numbers and have a prominent presence on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn in order to assure the customers of your credibility.

8. Do Whatever It Takes to Make Your Page Number One

Spelling or grammar mistakes are the worst you can do to your page. Watch how your traffic dips low. Similarly, a very old portfolio of products can bring about the same damage. An updated page with all relevant information and product base is sufficient to keep your clientele and the traffic satisfied.


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