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Building it yourself – part 1

In the modern day, it seems that everyone has to have a website. The race for a domain name has got fiercer and fiercer. Unfortunately there are some people who merely buy up domain names to make a profit not for actual use.
Personally, I think if they just park the domains for more than a year they should be forfeited but that’s just me. I have noticed recently that there are some people with more than 300 web names on their list and none of them actually working website. However, there are also the angels out there. There people who create a web site, with the intention, to make it easy and free to create and host a website on their server. I call these web angels.

One of the first web angels on my list is WebNode

Webnode allows you to create a free no ads website by using a (your name).webnode.com name. You can use your own domain name should you prefer. There are templates for you to use. You can add news. Photo galleries have a blog and have RSS feed as well as many other items. You can create a business or private website on this site. If you are going to do E commerce on line you can have a free trial for a start but after that achieve actual benefit from the site you actually have to pay per month. These charges can be rather on the hefty size in comparison to some of the other hosting services.

The next site that offers this type of service is Jimdo

With this site, there is a free website builder for you to use to enable you to make your own website with one of the easy drag and drop systems. You aren’t restricted in any way as far as the number of pages that you want. You can upload your videos as well as photographs. If you want to create a professional site it will cost you $5 a month and a Business account will cost you $15 a month. Here you get your shopping cart as well as a secure payment option. This site has a lot going for you if you want a generic quick site rather than to have to create your own site from scratch. If you are going to be using your free site to sell items you are limited to 5 items as far as items for sale are concerned. They make their money by taking 10 % from any sales you then make.  If you have a Pro site you can display 15 items, and the charge is 5%, and if you have a business account there are unlimited amount of items and no service fee.

The third site on offer is Viviti

Here you are allowed to use 5 MB of storage space for free but there are adverts, and you are allowed to have up to 5 pages. The next available package costs you $10 a month and a 1 GB of the storage space and unlimited number of pages with domain mapping photos and no advertisements.
There are several larger options going up to 5 GB for $30 a month.


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