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Building it yourself – part 3

Several times when we totally despair of getting something right, we need to call for help. I know many times I have felt completely helpless when I wanted to get a particular effect and just didn’t know how to set it. This is the time to turn to those websites you have collected over the times to help you in the hour of need. I don’t think there has been a time when I haven’t found the actual item mentioned that I actually need.

The Web Developers Field Guide

One of the places I use to go is The Web Developers Field Guide. Here you can obtain SEO tools, royalty free photos, tools for html, colors and all sorts of other items.  It’s an excellent source for obtaining the tools you need.


At mycelly, you can obtain free CSS templates. By clicking on the design you like, the code comes up, and you merely copy and paste that code into the site you are creating.


On this site, you will find all the coding that will help you. They call them cheat sheets. This site is awesome. If you can’t find the help you need here you will never find it.  They have so much info here you will spend the next month going through it. This must be the biggest collection on the web.

CSS Sandbox

CSS Sandbox gives you short cuts to CSS and can be useful, if you actually know what you are doing. The site itself is a little confusing. I guess it was written by someone who knows exactly what they are doing. When you are new to the language you will find it difficult to find your way around.

Resources for Web design are next

Here you have a large list again of the various items that can be used. It is well documented and you can find most of the items that you need.
They start with the specification for the various items that you will need. This is a useful item that most websites omit.


The listings here cover the whole gamut from Firefox plug-ins to Color Schemes. It covers lessons to learning about videos. Image editors are all listed here as well as all sorts of online tools.

Free Tech Books

This site has an incredible collection of books for you to download free. All the books are available from the authors and no pirated books are allowed in any shape or form. This selection of technical books is cross the board. It’s not just about the website. It’s about technical books.


This is a list of a huge amount of downloads covering all sorts of tools needed for your website. It covers a range of all sorts from page peel to a sliding login panel. The good thing about it is they give you a mini preview in the photo they show on the site. One especially nice tool is where you zoom into a section of the picture to enlarge it. Seems to me, they have added few good more here, and I need to download again.

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