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Business Card Know How

One of the branding items that are often overlooked by web designers is your business card. This is part of your branding and should be done in the same manner as the rest of the branding.  It means this the theme of the branding is kept in the same vein.

When you are looking at how you are branding both, yourself and your company or website you need to include all avenues both on line and off line. The one should reflect all the others and the theme of the logo and branding should be an encompassing theme throughout.

Your business card will in all probabilities be handed out at conferences and meetings and the immediate linking of your branding with your website, your logo and your favicon should have an in your face impact. This is an ongoing way of promoting yourself after the person has left. Although it might be six months down the line before they get in contact, if the branding is strong he will put the logo together with the face and remember the contact and know why he needs to get in touch. Some of the Credit card companies are offering the same service, and you can have your credit card branded with your logo.

Your normal card size would be 3.5” x 2”. This can be either vertical or horizontal. I would stick to this size for the conformity sake and the fact most people have wallets for business cards that this would fit into.  You can get the cards cut with rounded corners, and actually this looks neater for presentation as if the cards lay around a while, they tend to get scruffy on the tips of the corners.

You can get them embossed and with cut outs, however, in the long run if you are going to use a lot of cards, it’s probably best to stick to the standard shape and size. Rather than be fancy with cutouts get them to reflect your logo.
If you have a large quantity of information you want on the card it would be better to make it a folded card with the logo on the outside and the information in the inner section. The fold can be either horizontal or vertical.

The normal cards are printed on card stock, which can come in a variety of colors. The texture of the card can vary from rough to smooth and can be either matt, semi gloss or gloss. Once printed, your card can be treated to make it protected both from water and from sun. Today you can even get your cards printed on plastic or wood.

Embossed and pearlized cards are becoming the rage in some countries. They actually can look extremely classy.

Some people have started adding little extras to their cards in an effort to stand out. While this is a novelty and can cause comment in the long run I am not sure it is effective as it will make you look a little like you are still trying to reach out rather than that you have already arrived.

A discreet logo that says of course you should know me would probably have more effect in the business world.

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