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Chat Widgets that make your site interactive

A designer’s goal is to make their site as interactive as possible. Trends in Web technology promote this type of web culture. The device that brings the most satisfaction to this process is known as a chat widget. More and more web users are becoming sensitive to these new features on a web page or site and are taking advantage of it daily.
Effectiveness of chat Widgets solely depend on the ingenuity of the designers. Therefore, knowing what widgets make a site most interactive is valuable information for every designer. Here are some useful tips on the best widgets available to enhance chatting on the internet. Have you ever been frustrated by signing into a chat room only to find that no one appears on the screen or it reads ‘ no one is available’ even when indicating a 24/7 live chat.
You must realize that this can affect website traffic and impede interaction on the site. Never be caught in this dilemma. It can be avoided if you simply research the various chat widgets which are reliable and apply the most appropriates ones to your website. It would be worth it.

AjaxChat for WordPress

This is a magnificent chat widget which has the potential for 24/7 interaction once it is set up correctly. Interestingly it is a free website chat script. Notice how the chat device is installed at the right top hand corner of the web page. To activate this device simply apply the plug-in technology and following the simple instructions.
Remember that the functionality is WordPress related. It enables visitors to chat with each other in a blogging atmosphere while browsing your site. Precisely, it acts as an incentive for visiting the site. If you are looking for attracting more bloggers this is the best way to do it by making your site more user friendly in this way.


This is similar to AjaxChat for WordPress. The difference is that it is not confined to WordPress applications. AjaxChat is enabled by as a client side JavaScript which allows the designer to run a robust Chat client website.
A unique feature which could be very useful to both visitors and hosts lay in the advantage of being able to leave a message or ‘Shout out ‘to other visitors at the site admins. This could sometimes be disgusting since most visitors want to be alive with a live chat.
Note the features of the design. It appears on a black background with AjaxChat inscribed on the top right hander corner. There are some separate icons on the left indicating how the visitor can enter the chat room. Chat Bot is written in red.

Php Free Chat

Experts consider this a customized chat room device. It has the remarkable ability to create multiple chat rooms, private messages and custom themes using CSS. This device is a masterpiece in the science of chat room technology being highly favored among clients who are inclined to offer immense chat room privileges to their visitors. The customized feature is the great asset to the device’s applicability.


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