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Choosing Best Typefaces for your design

We know that sounds and smells can engage your emotions, correlations and meanings. They provide you an easy environment to make your mood. An interesting fact is that typefaces can also do this job for you as they come in all sizes and shapes. But then we know that there are so many typefaces one can find in his or her drop down menu which can really make you perplexed and bewildered. Thus to avoid such situations, we are here to offer a good guideline to choose among various typefaces.

It is important to know about the various types and their widely accepted uses before digging to reach the treasure of available typefaces. There are four different kinds of typography library classification such as, san serifs, serifs, scripts and decorative also known as display or ornamental typefaces.

First we are going to describe the sans serifs which are categorized as the best because of their dearth of display or ornamentation. San serifs have the ability to be used in almost every requirement due to their readability at every size which is liked by most of the users. Various designers use them for their simplicity and they recognize them as the most fruitful at briefly and quickly displaying information with no visual or emotional triggers attached.

Thus this simplicity also discourages branding them to one visual identity or company. Some of the mostly used san serifs are Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, Verdana, Futura, Gill sans, Franklin Gothic and Universe.

There isn’t a lot of difference between Serifs and san serifs but they have mostly finished strokes at the end as well as at the start of each letter stroke. The serifs are actually the most widely used typefaces across the world. There are used by a professional designer as well as an email user. They are widely used for the purpose of body copy by the professionals as they are believed not to put extra stress on your eyes if going through a long text. These typefaces are the choices of various formal businesses and myriad other people. The commonly used serifs are Georgia, Times New Roman, Garamond, Bookman, Book Antigua and Century Schoolbook.

Then there is another kind of typefaces called Scripts. The basic aim behind these typefaces is to introduce more human touch to the text and put some feeling into it. They are designed after human handwriting. The quality of handwriting varies from that of a child to a grown up style such as calligraphy. They may be used for announcements or invitations, yet the use must be limited as they can put extra stress on user’s eyes when reading a big piece of text.

Then there is another set of typefaces which is called decorative or ornamental typefaces. They are mostly advised to be used in headings are some type of designs or decorations. The complex strokes make them unwanted for use in large texts and thus must be avoided. In business and news reports they must be definitely avoided. Thus every typeface has its unique usage where it is best suited when used.

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