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Choosing Perfect Fonts for your Project

Many times we have fonts that we show decided preference for. Learning to experiment with fonts is important although you have to keep in mind usability on the web. Too often we tend to get restricted by the fact that certain browsers change fonts to what they consider the nearest available which can result in a hideous mess.
There are ways around this but right now we will go with the type of fonts that mix and match and whether we can use more than one or two types.

The fundi’s are always telling us that the maximum should be two, and they need to be well matches, however, I have seen sites with up to five or more fonts that really looked great.

Of course if you want to have a particular font for an item you can always make it into a jpg and then put the contents up in the description of the jpg.
At least this way the search engines can’t make a mess of them.

Let’s take a look at what we should be doing on the font front

One thing you should be doing is making a scrapbook of every font you like the look of. Find the name of the font and try to find it on line at one of the typography sites. Furthermore, make sure that it is a search engine friendly across the board. This way you can create a file of fonts which you can use as well as mix and match.

The fact of the matter is most of us end up using conventional fonts because they are net friendly they work, and they aren’t outlandish. While we might like to dress like a clown it isn’t appropriate at a formal dinner party.

You need to choose to font that works for the project you are busy working on.  Fonts are loosely divided into families, and it is best to stick to the families of those typefaces.

If you are going to be using Geometric Sans you are looking at a straight forward typeface that has no squiggly bits on the ends – That’s the meaning of sans. It means without. This is one of the modern typefaces and tends to be clear to read, and thus you will find it used a lot on websites. Because it is so legible it is accepted by all the search engines. That said it does tend to be boring.

Your best work needs to be legible clear with a hint of the human touch to it to make it more interesting but the deciding factor will be the use you are going to put it to. Each work needs to have a font that actually blends with the website as a whole. Remember its there for a long, long time and don’t choose something that will wear thin in a week.

Squiggled hard to read script is an off put’er before you start. You need to choose between the readability and the artistic. I would rather stray to the staid than for people to leave because they found it hard to read the text.

The overall design of your website will dictate what font you use.


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