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Choosing your website and blogging platform

I know that WordPress has done a superb job of making themselves one of the best known blogging platforms and as a result many seem to think it is the only blogging platform.

When you in fact, come down to it though, they are actually only one of many.

The number of alternative platforms that are available includes Joomla, Expression Engine and Drupal.

There are several different kinds of platforms and they all have individual kinds of applications.
The first alternative I looked at was Expression Engine.

This as a Platform that is used a great deal by Designers, but it isn’t free. They have a freelancer version, which costs 99.95 but to use Expression Engine to do client work you have to purchase a Commercial license which costs $299.95. When you consider this it makes you a little wary of it, especially as there are so many free options out there.

The second that I investigated was Movabletype.

This platform is said to have many high traffic blogs, and I wondered why. I discovered that you can create multiple blogs on a single install. This I found interesting as if you are going to be managing a few it’s nice to have them under one umbrella, as it were. The actual program didn’t seem as friendly as WordPress, but I think it’s just a case of getting used to it. It is able to cope with major traffic, and if you are intending to do multiple blogs it would well be worth investigating this platform.

I have been fascinated by Joomla for some time and in fact, had already downloaded it so it was obviously going to be my next choice.

Very similar to Drupal it does have a vast library of additional applications you incorporate into the basic platform. It is ideal for an e-commerce site. There is a very good community spirit on the forum on Joomla and extremely helpful to a new comer.

Drupal which has the same sort of base as Joomla was next up.

Another of the open source platforms you will find a large number of people all involved here. Contributions to the program come from far and wide. The software is very flexible, and you can usually find someone to adept something to your needs if you have to. This is a very popular blogging platform, especially with the open source fraternity.

Serendipity is ideal for someone who is starting out blogging.

All updates are done automatically meaning you really don’t have to do much but keep your posts up to date. This means you can get someone else to set it up and show you the ropes, and you should be able to take it from there without any problems except for the may be an occasional request for help. If I was starting out new this is the platform I would use. It works with PHP and even includes a setup wizard. It isn’t extendable into other blogs, however. It is strictly one blog per setup.


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