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Coding for designers: Ignorance is not bliss

Designers and coding are like cats and mice. Designers live with their heads locked in a globe of creativity where computer coding is anathema to them. Coding belongs to geeks and nerds who thrive on it to get their highs. Designers and coders live in their own separate worlds with almost no overlap. But website designing has changed that equation to a large extent. Designers cannot be isolated from codes. Most designers do know basic HTML coding but it stops there.

There are several ways that coding works for designers:

1.    Improved coding capabilities: Every website is written in basic HTML coding. A deeper knowledge of how to code will help to unite your designs better with the website on which it is going to appear. Most web designers were using ready-made software like Sitegrinder to transfer their designs from Photoshop to the website. But by making an attempt to be more familiar with HTML, you are representing a comprehensive set of skills which makes you a valuable member of any web designing team.

2.    Designs gain SEO orientation: SEO or search optimization has been the basis of building websites. But SEO is not only text oriented. SEO works for images like pictures, graphics and other visuals too. Knowing how to code will help adapt your designs in a manner aligned with SEO orientation.

3.    Enhancing accessibility: Websites need to be easy to navigate and view fro the point of the casual reader. The aim of every website design should be aimed at gathering more views. Low accessibility and navigation are at cross-purposes. Presentation of data and information should be in a clear and convenient manner and this depends on the combined power of coding and designing and not on designing prowess alone.

Many websites depend on their accessibility to maintain their utility to the viewers. Websites which come under this category are typically government  websites, education websites or medically inclined websites- websites that are     information oriented. If you have created a enviable image, you must be able to provide ease of access to that image. Here, learning codes becomes essential to the designer.

4.    Creative coding: Coding is not devoid of creative expression as designers seem to think. Coding to improve information presentation designs for example can present creative avenues too. Developing wireframes for developing websites, which is an essential part of every web designing project, will depend largely on the designer’s ability to translate his codes to better use. So codes are a blend of the technical as well as the analytic with the creative.

5.    Improved communication with web developers: Web developers almost always talk in ‘code language’. As an integral part of the web development team, it puts you at a disadvantage if you are unable to understand what the web developer is talking about.

Coding expands your skill sets as a designer and establishes you as a worthy member of any web designing team.




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