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Collabpress anyone?

Anyone who is collaborating with a number of different people on a project could find this plug-in extremely useful. This comes from WebDevStudios and it means that you have a place where you can do several projects in one place.  This is a very useful feature.  Brad Williams has thought this through very well, and I foresee a great future for this tool. I know I will definitely be using it myself.

Collabpress allows you to have all your items in one place with emails, tasks, projects, and a calendar as will as user accounts. The overall effect of this is it acts as a command post.

Once you have downloaded and installed the plug-in you will need to activate it. This you will find has two separate options. One is for creating new projects and all that goes with them, including assigning tasks to the various people involved in a project, and the other is for settings.

Under the settings section, you will apply access to anyone who is helping so that they only have access to the section you want them to. This means although you have given access, they can’t change anything except in that section. No cross foul ups can happen this way. There is also an email notification section for you to be able to update them when you have given them a task. The dashboard will have your list of tasks and a calendar and also a list of users and projects.

Each user will have a task which will show the progress as well as a due date. This means everyone knows who is responsible for each task and how far it is along. The due dates are clear to the entire team. Anyone who has ever done a project with several people can see how this co ordination will be well worth the effort of a small amount of time to set it up. Once up you can also set it up for more than one project and have it as your central management command post. I really like the idea of this as you have it at your finger tips, and you don’t need to bother with a round of meetings. Meetings I always find can lead to a lot of time wasting but this is business all the way. While I don’t say that all meetings need to be done away with this is a huge time saver.

This is truly a well needed tool for anyone collaborating with others on a WordPress site. When you think about doing away with time wasted sitting around a table at a meeting where you will be doled out tasks one by one, and everyone is chatting about time wasting items this will be a great time saver.

Communication is always paramount in any project and this tool makes it possible with an internal communication board. Your calendar is a great way for all to see the progress along with who is doing what.

All I can say is hats off to Brad Williams for a well thought out tool which I know he is going to extend and expand.


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