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Color the town “pink”

Okay, so the old saying still goes. Pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Hmmm well not much into pink or blue battle but we all know pink does stand out. Adding that extra “x” factor if its used properly. Every now and then you see a pink theme site. And it always catches your eye. It doesn’t matter if its good or bad.  As I feel pink can give life to the site, making it more appealing and warm. I know everybody have there own favorite bits. Let’s view and discuss some of the available pink websites and see what we like or don’t like about them. There are both interesting and frustrating designs out there.

We shoot bottles

Excellent as far as photographic optimization is concerned and the opening page grabs you immediately. However, it frustrated me no end.  Admittedly, it was early in the day, and I have half asleep, but I clicked and clicked all over the page to see the next page. I clicked on this way at the bottom of the page, nothing happened, I clicked on the bottle, still nothing happened. I clicked on everything I could think of and was about to click out when dahhh I looked at the bottom of the web page and saw they had used a very wide page to show it all. They nearly lost me with that one. However, I will say their graphics, and photography is excellent.

My City Lives

Not the normal kind of website and as far as I know the idea is unique in execution.  Its advertising and a video production service in one, a very clever concept. They are using their knowledge of the video medium to make adverts for the community in which they live. The idea is good and should bring them a lot of business.
It is well optimized and has its own blog, which is called the Magazine. Where, it discusses things going on in Toronto, which is their city.

The one thing I found difficult was there incomplete menu. When I wanted to return to the main page it wasn’t to be found. I had to use the back space to get there eventually. This page shows a map of Toronto and highlights places they have made or are hosting videos of. To reach the map you have to click on “My city lives” in the top left. This also was not obvious. They need to work at a little more as there are dumb clucks like me who wake up groggy.

Tickled Pink

I like the name. It appealed to my funny bone. Its clean and its clear in design but … I know it says it all, but.. Although there was the good use of white space that white space was too busy with the background lines. Maybe they were too busy designing for others. In addition they hadn’t made use of branding themselves which in the design business they should have. Am I too critical? Sorry…

Sour Sally

This website is a winner of the 2008 Web awards and has excellent graphics but lousy music which I couldn’t turn off. I realize that it was made for the local market in Jakarta and as such it’s possible their English was limited. I found the menu was a little difficult to navigate but overall it deserved its award.

Central Snow Sports

I must admit I was surprised. I’ve never associated Australia with snow sports. They have used the gradient color to good effect but the interior photos were a bit lacking in ingenuity. They need to grab a good photographer. The same photo was displayed on all three of their hire pages.

If you guys have some other pink sites, do share. Thanks


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