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Color Theory for Website Design

Every discipline has a theory and Web designing is no different. It does not only focus on a theoretical perspective pertaining to the science, generally, but distinctively as it relates to color as well. Why is it important that there be a theory of color? Well, In Web designing technology inventors become very imaginative. However, there must be boundaries surrounding these ecstasies less they be considered unprofessional.
Therefore, what is being now utilized as theories are simply experiments conducted with color schemes, which inevitably would work fine if applied to a particular design. Remember, that as a designer you create the flow on a web page using your emotions to channel visitors. Hence, theory of color embraces terminologies; relationships; groups based on emotions; making wise color choices to covey meanings accurately and knowing how visitors interpret colors.

Color Terminologies

You might be saying to yourself that already you know what colors are. Why it is necessary to revise them? Color has cultural relevance and they are called different names among cultures. This is the real reason behind a color theory.
For a minute take a look at the color wheel below. See how the colors span it like a rainbow. From here they can be separated into three categories; namely primary, secondary and tertiary as with the levels of education. Take note also of how they are distributed among the categories.

Primary colors are red, blue and yellow according to the theory.  Further, secondary are a mixture of primary evolving into orange, green and purple. Finally, there is the tertiary level consisting of yellow-green and blue-green. Precisely, this forms the basis for understanding the theory of color. It is establishing common ground.

Relationships of colors

Just like humans and in any other phenomenon of life colors are inevitably related. Experts in the science describe them as complementary, analogous and warm, cool, neutral as they relate to the emotions. Just take a keen look at the diagram below and try interpreting the relationship of  colors displayed.
They have been grouped into a design showing a painting merely highlighting colors. There are shades of orange, blue and cream being tickled with a patch of green on the blue, yellow on the orange and orange and blue on the cream. It is a splendid display of colors organizing a unique design when depicting relationships and emotional expression of colors.

Making wise color choices to convey meaning

From an emotional perspective, colors mean different things to different people. Just take a quick glance at the colors displayed below. Besides, the luscious upbeat aesthetics the theory emphasizes portrayal of a meaning behind every shade highlighted in the design. Peep and see whether you can detect the overt as well and the covert meanings transmitted by these color ranges.
It is advised that when choosing color for any designs that you become deliberate about doing so. Never be carried away by emotions. This is the main reason for experts adopting a color theory to guide the senses. Feel free to browse through the other color images.
When scaling through the meaning you would realize that red symbolizes fire and power; orange happiness joy and sunshine; yellow positive qualities; green healing and nature; blue calm, stability, trust; purple royalty; black power and white purity and innocence.

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    Interesting article. Artists need to know color theory also

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    It is clear from the blog that color has great impact on website designing and we cannot deny it. This is a fantastic exibition of photoshop layout.

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    Colors are the most important part of the web designing. And also awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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