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Colors and various benefits associated with them

Every single person knows the importance of colors, but many designers don’t understand the real value of colors in their website. You might think that colors are not so important, because they are just for decoration purpose. Many freelance designers have the same mentality towards colors. Well, recently experts have found that colors are not just meant for decoration, they do have a bigger impact on target audience. Colors are also having some psychological values, which we are going to discuss.

Humans are blessed with various senses, and these senses can be triggered by using bright colors like red. You can test this theory by applying bright red color in your room.

Scientists have done many experiments on these colors, and they found that a person living in red room have a better heart rate than those who are living in blue colored room. Red is a symbol for excitement in many cultures. It also excites our senses. Red does have a great impact on people’s mind. Companies like coca cola and Pepsi have used red as their secondary colors.

Colors are the best way to stimulate your senses

Colors can perfectly stimulate your senses, and they can excite you at the same time. By using proper colors, one can attain a peaceful mind. Students, who study chromo dynamics, suggest that red color can really excite your senses. Official website of Coca Cola gives you a lazy feeling, which eventually makes you think that you are thirsty, and coca cola is the best option for you.

Emotional factors are also associated with colors. However, apart from that, there are other factors, which influence your mind. For example, gamblers play a lot under red light rather than blue light. This is why, many casinos in Las Vegas use red light instead of blue. It has been seen that people generally act aggressively under red light, and they think twice before making any move under blue light. This explains the reason behind using red light in traffic signals; drivers are forced to act instantly as soon as they see a red light, which indicates us to stop driving instantly.

Use of colors by mixing them with each other

Colors definitely have their own language, but mixing them will also create something good. Many experts believe that colors mixed with proper composition will produce better results. Designers must understand that mixing is good, but it should not be done very often. Mixing unwanted colors will create bad consequences on people’s eyes.

For example, if you see the logo of Pepsi, then you can easily notice the perfect mixing of colors. It is having both the complimentary colors red and blue, which is intelligently separated by a white line. Now, this white line is not so thick, and it allows the users to see both the complimentary colors separately.

Colors and their impact on various cultures

Colors always have a different meaning in various cultures. In china, red is considered to be a lucky charm, whereas in Germany people think that red is unlucky for them. Big companies, who want to expand their business in different parts of world, will certainly spend millions for studying the effect of colors in any particular culture. This research on color is very important, because companies might lose their clients for using inappropriate colors.

Companies hire professionals who can perfectly use various colors while designing any website. Use of color depends a lot on the designer’s choice, some designers like to use black and red while others like to use red and blue. Some designers like to use red and white color, just because they like Manchester united a lot. Well, implementing your personal favorite color is really bad for your career. Designers must leave their personal choice, and work with the instructions, which are given by their respective clients.

Colors and their use in websites

If you want to implement any color on your website, then you will have to leave your personal choice and chose something, which will attract users. If you want a good response from your target audience, then you must choose appropriate colors, which must suit the website’s theme. Before choosing any color, you must try to understand the nature of your audience. Understating your audience will definitely take you one step ahead. When we are talking about audiences, then you must remember that you can’t select colors for every single user, therefore you must choose something, which suits the whole group.

Many users never come back to your website because of colors. Experts believe that colors are basically responsible for increasing or decreasing traffic. Users try to see the basic color, which represents your brand. If you use a lot of color, then users won’t like your website. If you have designed a website, which consists of lot of colors then you should consider redesigning it.

Experts believe that use of blue color will definitely attract users, because users generally like blue color when they are having a good mood. Use of simple white and gray is also a good idea. If you want to spice up your website, then use of red and orange will create something interesting. You can also try white and green, which will be trendy and stylish.

If you like something in dark, then black is definitely the best option, but using too much black will create a negative atmosphere. Therefore, black color should be mixed up with orange or white. Use of gray with black is also a good combination. Don’t try to use black as the dominant color, because that will decrease the overall readability of your website.

If you like white then use them as the dominant color, and mix it up with some orange or blue. This will definitely increase the overall appeal of your website.

You may think that colors are not so important but that’s not true, you can always attract more users by using proper colors.


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