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Combine Hyperlinks and SEO for better Google results.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a huge marketing concept for any website.  If you Google SEO you will find a plethora of articles all telling you why SEO is a necessity for marketing a site, and all of them are true, well, all the ones I’ve read about, but there is another trick you can use to push that site up the rankings, and that is to combine hyperlinks and SEO for better Google results.

Combining hyperlinks for SEO will help a site be found by Google, once it starts becoming indexed.  The concepts to think about is not hyperlinking a name of a site, but other words associated with that site.  See below.

<a href=”http://mysearchengineoptimisation.com”>my search engine optimisation</a>

This is not too bad a place to start.  Any searches for “my search engine optimisation” on Google, this link should be appearing pretty high up the rankings.  It is worthwhile to add the keywords to the title attribute to gain more attention from big G.  Thus:

<a href=”http://mysearchengineoptimisation.com” title=”My Search Engine Optimisation” >My Search Engine Optimisation</a>

Ok, this is all good stuff, the name of the site in the hyperlink, and in the title attribute, and this all helps to push the site up the rankings.  The thing to remember though, as we mentioned before, is that the other names people will look for when searching for a site. 

So if you had a site called “toycars.com”, just having “toycars.com”, in the hyperlink and title attribute, may not score too highly if someone just searched under “toys”, or “kids cars”, for example.

So to push our example site up the rankings maybe we should add, “SEO”.

<a href=”http://mysearchengineoptimisation” >SEO</a> 

In fact it is best practice to use as many keywords as you can think of, just to make the whole site more likely to appear after searches.  Keep it readable though, as this is pulled through on results.  Try to put the most important keyword on the left, as this should help when Google indexes the site.  In our example, it is SEO 

<a href=”http://mysearchengineoptisation.com” >SEO writing service</a>

If you are a regular reader of our blogs, you will have no doubt read our articles on accessibility and why it is important.  So always add a helpful title attribute that tells people something useful about the site.  Thus:

<a href=”http://mysearchengineoptimisation.com” title=”My Search engine optimisation is a writing services site, that specialises in pushing you website up search enigne rankings, through the wonders of SEO” >SEO writing service</a>

Of course the next question, is what now.  The site is already to rock and roll, so what to do after combining hyperlinks and SEO for better Google results.  Well most designers say Google the site using all the keywords you have come up with, and see what pages pull through to the top.  Then try and use a link campaign on these sites, to promote your site. 

Then respond to forum posts, on similar subjects to your site, and put your site on it.  This will help bring traffic to the site, and that is the name of the game.

Another way is to respond to blog posts.  It is a little harder as many are moderated not to show URLs, but have an opinion, and if possible link your site in the with the blog post.   So for an SEO blog post, you might say something like:

“Well, we have found over at myserachengineoptimisation.com, that by interspacing the keyword with…” 

Also, you can use a keyword as a username, like “SEO writer”, for example.

To get the best out of SEO writing, try and ensure that pages that you have selected for these links are readable, and have your keywords on them a few times. 

So as you can see by combining hyperlinks and SEO will give better Google results, especially as part of an overall link building campaign.  Just remember, everything helps.

3 Responses to “Combine Hyperlinks and SEO for better Google results.”
  1. Vicky

    These tutorials are very handy, especially for people who are just getting started with webdesign and everything that comes with it. Thank you and please keep them coming.

  2. godsmustbecrazy

    I agree with you Vicky. I myself am hooked up to all of Richard Teahon’s helpful articles. I never knew hyperlinks and SEO combination could be such a powerful and effective Google technique.

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