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Comedy time with 404 pages

Every now and again, we need a bit of light relief and finding them when looking through web pages is a great way of remembering a site. Many times people building websites just leave a 404 page dull and unimaginative. It is really great when you find a series of 404 sites that have invested in time and humor.  They tend to stand out in the crowd. When you are putting together a website it’s these little things that make the difference between a website and a great website.

I have a collection of 404 sites that I have taken note of and intend to share with you.

Catalyst Studios

Executed with typical understated British humor this page says it all and gives you a search option to find what you are really looking for. It’s well thought out with all the relevant links available so if you don’t see or find it in the search bar you still have the menu, categories and achieve to look at.

Jamie Huskinssom

Here we have another British site again with humor. Jamie has used his artistic ability coupled with a good sense of advertising to put together a page that is both funny and informative. He explains who he is and what he does as well as giving you the ability to search the site.


This one is not really funny but it sure stands out in a crowd with all the red you are greeted with. Again you are given all the information that is required to send you into a place where you can get what you are looking for.


This gives you an artistic but funny picture and instructions on how to get back to the main page together with an apology. It is both creative and quick to load. It’s got a good appeal.

Cut and Taste

This is a design with a difference. No art but a well thought out funny prose page which will keep you reading in spite of yourself.

CSS Remix

This is not a page you will find, unless you actually do have a link error as the page name is so obscure. However, it is both funny and well designed by a man of few words.

A Tease Web

Not brilliant but very effective. All the right components are there and it paints the picture well but gets you back to the base.

Koller Media

Simple but effective to get you back to base while giving you the opportunity to report the page you were looking for has a broken link. This shows someone thinking of how to actually correct the problem that occurred.


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